Cantus Index is a central catalogue of chant texts and melodies for Office and Mass. Multiple online medieval music databases have been connected together through unique "Cantus ID numbers". Chant texts and melodies can be searched on this Cantus Index website, and matches in any of the partner databases will be returned. This is your first stop for online chant searches!

The Cantus Index partners include:



  • Cantus Index provides a central index of all chants which have been found in medieval manuscripts and later editions.
  • Cantus Index enables compatibility between medieval music databases.


What are the basic features of the Cantus Index?

  • Cantus Index is clear

       Chants listed in the Cantus Index contain only 4 data fields:
            1. Full-text
            2. Genre
            3. Feast (not required)
            4. Cantus ID
  • Cantus Index is connectable
             1. All chants have their unique Cantus IDs which are referenced from manuscript databases.
             2. Cantus Index provides links to manuscript databases where the chants are indexed.

  • Cantus Index is interactive

         Registered users contribute by adding new chants which immediately receive automatically-generated Cantus IDs for subsequent references from manuscript databases.


Cantus Index may help you if you are:
  1. searching for a chant by text or melody
  2. analyzing a chant source
  3. searching for concordances of a chant
  4. creating an index of a chant source

Access to the database is free, in accordance with the aims of the International Musicological Society’s Study Group Cantus Planus, which include the exchange of data in electronic form.

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