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Feast: Fer. 4 p. Oct.Pasch.

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Source: P-BRs Ms. 032

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Total chants: 8
Distinct chants: 8
Antiphons: 2
Responsories: 3
Average number of concordances: 1
SiglumFolio IncipitCantus IDConcordances
(same feast)
P-BRs Ms. 032219vMA1Alleluia (Ego dormivi)*9099990
P-BRs Ms. 032219vMWResurrexit dominus R. Sicut dixit0081850
P-BRs Ms. 032219vMR1Virtute magna*0079070
P-BRs Ms. 032219vMR2Tulerunt dominum meum*0077970
P-BRs Ms. 032219vMV01Cum ergo*007760b0
P-BRs Ms. 032219vMR3Surrexit pastor bonus*0077420
P-BRs Ms. 032219vMV01Etenim*007742b0
P-BRs Ms. 032219vV2A1Alleluia alleluia alleluia alleluia alleluia alleluia 0013335 | A-LIs 290 | A-Wn 1890 | CZ-Pu (Praha) VI E 13 | D-Sl HB.I.55 | F-AS 893