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Feast: Dom. 20 p. Pent.

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Source: CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 396

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Total chants: 15
Distinct chants: 15
Antiphons: 0
Responsories: 0
Average number of concordances: 5
SiglumFolio IncipitCantus IDConcordances
(same feast)
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 396070rMASSAlAlleluia Laudate dominum omnes gentes et 5070195 | CZ-Bm (Brno) A 7115 | CZ-OLu (Olomouc) M III 6 | CZ-Pn (Praha) XIII B 2 | E-SAu Ms 2637 | SK-Sk Graduale Scepusiense Nr.1
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 396072rMASSAlAlleluia Qui confidunt in Domino sicut g022011 | SK-BRl Rkp. 387
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 396070rMASSInDa pacem Domine sustinentibus te ut g012290
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 396070rMASSInVLaetatus sum in his quae dicta g00776a0
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 396070rMASSGrLaetatus sum *g007770
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 396070rMASSGrVFiat pax in virtute *g00777a0
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 396070rMASSOfSanctificavit Moyses altare Domino offerens super g012310
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 396070rMASSOfVLocutus est Dominus ad Moysen dicens g01231a0
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 396070vMASSOfVOravit Moyses Dominum et dixit si g01231b0
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 396070vMASSCmTollite hostias et introite in atria g012320
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 396071rMASSInOmnia q f *g0123715 | » Display
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 396071rMASSGrOculi omnium *g0112714 | » Display
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 396071rMASSGrVAperis tu *g01127a3 | CZ-OLu (Olomouc) M III 6 | P-BRs Ms. 034 | SK-BRl Rkp. 387
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 396071vMASSOfSuper flumina *g0123915 | » Display
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 396071vMASSCmMemento verbi t *g0124015 | » Display