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Feast: Dom. 22 p. Pent.

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Source: GB-Ob Laud Misc. 284

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Total chants: 8
Distinct chants: 8
Antiphons: 8
Responsories: 0
Average number of concordances: 6
SiglumFolio IncipitCantus IDConcordances
(same feast)
GB-Ob Laud Misc. 284109vEA1Dixit autem dominus servo00227420 | » Display
GB-Ob Laud Misc. 284109vEA2Patientiam habe in me domine0042476 | CH-SGs 391 | D-AAm G 20 | D-FUl Aa 55 | GB-Ob Can. Lit. 202 | NL-Uu 406 | NZ Wt MSR-03
GB-Ob Laud Misc. 284109vEA3Serve nequam omne debitum00487321 | » Display
GB-Ob Laud Misc. 284109vLA1Indutus est dominus0033270
GB-Ob Laud Misc. 284109vLA2Gloria et honor et benedictio0029440
GB-Ob Laud Misc. 284109vLA3Deus misereatur et benedicat0021770
GB-Ob Laud Misc. 284109vLA4Benedictio et claritas et0017100
GB-Ob Laud Misc. 284109vLA5Sanctus sanctus sanctus*0047960