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Feast: De Sapientia

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Source: I-Rvat SP B.79

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Total chants: 35
Distinct chants: 35
Antiphons: 3
Responsories: 16
Average number of concordances: 52
SiglumFolio IncipitCantus IDConcordances
(same feast)
I-Rvat SP B.79141vMIRegem magnum dominum*0011350
I-Rvat SP B.79141vMR1Emitte domine sapientiam de00665784 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79141vMV01Da mihi domine sedium tuarum006657a83 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79141vMR2Da mihi domine sedium tuarum00638783 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79142rMV01Domine pater et deus vitae006387a56 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79142rMR3Domine pater et deus vitae00650384 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79142rMV01Da mihi domine sedium tuarum006503a42 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79142rMR4Gyrum caeli circuivi sola et00679381 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79142rMV01Ego in altissimus in habitabo006793a79 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79142vMR5Initium sapientiae timor00696782 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79142vMV01Dilectio illius custodia006967b38 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79142vMR6Quae sunt in corde hominum00745771 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79142vMV01Imperfectum meum viderunt007457a37 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79142vMR7Ne derelinquas me domine00720481 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79142vMV01Apprehende arma et scutum et007204a81 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79143rMR8Petre amas*0073820
I-Rvat SP B.79143rMR9Super salutem et omnem00772777 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79143rMV01Dixi sapientiae soror mea es007727a67 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79143rMR10In principio deus antequam00692485 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79143rMV01Quando praeparabat caelos006924zb0
I-Rvat SP B.79143rMR11Verbum iniquum et dolosum00784184 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79143vMV01Ne forte satiatus evomam007841a60 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79143vMR12Audi fili mi disciplinam00614039 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79143vMV01Honora dominum de tua006140a28 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79143vMR13Magna enim sunt judicia tua00711384 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79143vMV01Et non destituisti eos in007113za0
I-Rvat SP B.79143vMR14Praebe fili cor tuum mihi et00741672 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79144rMV01Audi fili mi disciplinam007416za0
I-Rvat SP B.79144rMR15Honora dominum de tua6010730
I-Rvat SP B.79144rMV01Attende fili mi sapientiam601073a0
I-Rvat SP B.79144rMR16Fili noli deficere a00673444 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79144rMV01Attende fili mi sapientiam006734a35 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79144rV2A1MSapientia aedificavit sibi00481085 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79144vV2A2MEgo in altissimis in habitabo00257673 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79144vV2A3MUnxerunt regem Salomonem in0052800