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Feast: Comm. BMV

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Source: SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)

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Total chants: 33
Distinct chants: 31
Antiphons: 9
Responsories: 9
Average number of concordances: 0
SiglumFolio IncipitCantus IDConcordances
(same feast)
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)234vVApMissus est Gabriel angelus ad0037940
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)234vVREcce virgo concipiet*0066200
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)234vVHAve maris stella*0082721 | NL-ZUa 6
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)234vVWAve Maria*0079580
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)234vVAMIngressus angelus ad Mariam0033390
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)234vCHVirgo singularis*008272d0
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)234vCWAngelus domini nuntiavit*8004780
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)234vCANEcce ancilla domini fiat mihi0024910
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)234vMR1.1Missus est Gabriel angelus ad0071700
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)235rMV01Ave Maria gratia plena007170a0
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)235rMR1.2Orietur stella ex Jacob et0073380
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)235rMV01Et adorabunt eum omnes reges007338b0
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)235rMR1.3Ecce virgo concipiet et0066200
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)235rMV01Tollite portas principes006620a0
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)235vMR2.1Suscipe verbum virgo Maria0077440
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)235vMV01Ave Maria gratia plena007744a0
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)235vMR2.2Rorate caeli desuper et nubes0075530
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)235vMV01Emitte agnum domine007553a0
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)235vMR2.3Egredietur virga de radice0066410
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)236rMV01Rorate caeli desuper et nubes006641c0
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)236rMR3.1Annuntiatum est per Gabrielem0061030
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)236rMV01Ave maria gratia plena006103a0
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)236rMR3.2Ave Maria gratia plena0061570
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)236vMV01Quomodo fiet istud quoniam006157a0
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)236vMR3.3Virgo Israel revertere in0079030
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)236vMV01A solis ortu et occasu ab007903a0
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)236vLA1Prophetae sancti0043920
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)236vLA2Rorate caeli desuper et nubes0046680
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)236vLA3Angelus domini nuntiavit0014140
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)236vLA4Beatam me dicent omnes0015740
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)237rLA5Ecce ancilla domini fiat mihi0024910
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)237rLABSpiritus sanctus in te0050060
SI-Lna 18 (olim 17)237rV2AMOrietur sicut sol salvator0041950