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Feast: Transl. Hugonis

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Source: F-AS 893

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Total chants: 26
Distinct chants: 21
Antiphons: 5
Responsories: 12
Average number of concordances: 0
SiglumFolio IncipitCantus IDConcordances
(same feast)
F-AS 893319rVRSanctissimi*6021260
F-AS 893319rVAMIste homo*0034290
F-AS 893380vVRSanctissimi patris*6021260
F-AS 893380vVHIste confessor*0083230
F-AS 893380vVWEcce sacerdos*0080400
F-AS 893380vVAMIste homo ab adolescentia*0034290
F-AS 893380vMIAlleluia ii0010220
F-AS 893380vMA1.Alleluia vi (In velamento)*0013310
F-AS 893380vMW1.Amavit eum dominus*0079410
F-AS 893380vMR1.1Praesul insignis*6018630
F-AS 893380vMR1.2Beatus vir*0062310
F-AS 893380vMR1.3De ore prudentis*0063960
F-AS 893380vMR1.4Ecce vir prudens*0066190
F-AS 893380vMA2.Alleluia vi (Lux perpetua)*0013310
F-AS 893380vMR2.1Sanctissimi*6021260
F-AS 893380vMR2.2Lux perpetua*0071110
F-AS 893380vMR2.3Docete*0064830
F-AS 893380vMR2.4Sancte Hugo*0075800
F-AS 893380vMA3.Alleluia ii (Ego sum vitis)*0013270
F-AS 893380vMR3.1Ego sum vitis*0066350
F-AS 893380vMR3.2Pacem meam*0073450
F-AS 893380vMR3.3Laetabitur*0070640
F-AS 893380vMR3.4Sint lumbi*0076750
F-AS 893380vLAAlleluia ii (In caelestibus)*0013270
F-AS 893380vLABSancte confessor Hugo*2044080
F-AS 893380vV2AMExemplar et speculum*2017100