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Feast: Alexandri et sociorum

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Source: I-Rvat SP B.79

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Total chants: 9
Distinct chants: 9
Antiphons: 1
Responsories: 6
Average number of concordances: 1
SiglumFolio IncipitCantus IDConcordances
(same feast)
I-Rvat SP B.79116vMR1Quinto loco a beato Petro 6019640
I-Rvat SP B.79116vMV01Domine Jesu Christe qui me 601964a0
I-Rvat SP B.79116vMR2Domine Jesu Christe qui me 0065000
I-Rvat SP B.79117rMV01Et iterum matutinis horis huc 006500za0
I-Rvat SP B.79117rMR3Filiae Jerusalem*0067355 | F-AS 893 | F-VAL 114 | GB-WO F.160 | GB-WO F.160 (Facs) | I-Rv C.5
I-Rvat SP B.79117rMR4Vidi civitatem*0078722 | F-AS 893 | I-Rv C.5
I-Rvat SP B.79117rMR5Ecce vicit*0066160
I-Rvat SP B.79117rMR6Ego sum vitis*0066353 | F-VAL 114 | GB-WO F.160 | GB-WO F.160 (Facs)
I-Rvat SP B.79118rV2ARAlleluia ego sum vitis*0013420