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Feast: Rictrudis

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Source: F-AS 893

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Total chants: 20
Distinct chants: 19
Antiphons: 3
Responsories: 12
Average number of concordances: 0
SiglumFolio IncipitCantus IDConcordances
(same feast)
F-AS 893385vVRDiffusa est gratia*0064450
F-AS 893385vVHJesu corona*0083301 | F-VAL 114
F-AS 893385vVWAdjuvabit eam deus*0079341 | F-VAL 114
F-AS 893385vVAMAccinxit fortitudine*0012290
F-AS 893385vMIAlleluia ii0010221 | F-VAL 114
F-AS 893385vMHHujus obtentu deus*008411c0
F-AS 893385vMA1.Alleluia ii0013270
F-AS 893385vMR1.1Diffusa*0064460
F-AS 893385vMR1.2Specie tua*0076800
F-AS 893386rMR1.3Veni electa*0078261 | F-VAL 114
F-AS 893386rMR1.4Diffusa est gratia*0064450
F-AS 893386rMA2.Alleluia vi (Lux perpetua)*0013311 | F-VAL 114
F-AS 893386rMR2.1Dilexisti justitiam*0064500
F-AS 893386rMR2.2Pulchra facie*0074520
F-AS 893386rMR2.3Regnum mundi*0075241 | F-VAL 114
F-AS 893386rMR2.4Specie tua et pulchritudine0076791 | F-VAL 114
F-AS 893386rMR3.1Propter veritatem*0074410
F-AS 893386rMR3.2Induit me dominus*0069550
F-AS 893386rMR3.3Audi filia*0061421 | F-VAL 114
F-AS 893386rMR3.4Adjuvabit eam deus vultu suo0060420