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Feast: Transl. Aichardi

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Source: F-AS 893

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Total chants: 23
Distinct chants: 21
Antiphons: 5
Responsories: 12
Average number of concordances: 0
SiglumFolio IncipitCantus IDConcordances
(same feast)
F-AS 893387vVRHic miles*6010360
F-AS 893387vVHIste confessor*0083230
F-AS 893387vVWOs justi meditabitur*0081650
F-AS 893387vVAMInclytus Aichardus*2025180
F-AS 893387vMISurge Sion*1002680
F-AS 893387vMA1.1Exstitit Aichardus*2017350
F-AS 893387vMR1.1Ut sacer Aichardus*6023940
F-AS 893387vMR1.2Justus germinavit*0070600
F-AS 893387vMR1.3Florebat vigil*6008950
F-AS 893387vMR1.4Aichardus*6000680
F-AS 893387vMA2.1Heredi sacro*2021200
F-AS 893387vMW2.Justum deduxit dominus*0081150
F-AS 893387vMR2.1Agmine fraterno*6000640
F-AS 893387vMR2.2Vir felix minui*6024830
F-AS 893387vMR2.3Sancte Aicharde*0075800
F-AS 893387vMR2.4Sint lumbi*0076750
F-AS 893387vMA3.Hujus namque*2022850
F-AS 893387vMR3.1Miles Christi*6014230
F-AS 893387vMR3.2Hic miles fortis*6010360
F-AS 893387vMR3.3Nec dictu*6014840
F-AS 893387vMR3.4Cum foret*6004590
F-AS 893388rV2A1Exstitit Aichardus*2017350
F-AS 893388rV2AMAve praeceptis domini*2004630