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Feast: Joannis, Pauli

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Source: I-Rvat SP B.79

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Total chants: 19
Distinct chants: 19
Antiphons: 6
Responsories: 8
Average number of concordances: 17
SiglumFolio IncipitCantus IDConcordances
(same feast)
I-Rvat SP B.79130vMR1Vidi conjunctos viros00787313 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79130vMV01Vidi angelum fortem volantem007873a13 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79130vMR2Isti sunt sancti martyres6012520
I-Rvat SP B.79131rMV01Hi sunt quos fides Christi601252a0
I-Rvat SP B.79131rMR3Sancti martyres Christi6021130
I-Rvat SP B.79131rMV01Impie crudelis et dire602113a0
I-Rvat SP B.79131rMR4Hi sunt triumphatores et0070250
I-Rvat SP B.79131rMV01Hi sunt quos fides Christi*007025zb0
I-Rvat SP B.79131rMR5Isti sunt duo viri*00701581 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79131rMR6Hi sunt triumphatores in6010250
I-Rvat SP B.79131vMV01Hi sunt quos fides*601025a0
I-Rvat SP B.79131vMR7Isti viventes*0070191 | F-Pn lat. 1090
I-Rvat SP B.79131vMR8Isti sunt duae olivae*00701446 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79131vLA1Joannes et Paulus dixerunt ad00350084 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79131vLA2Joannes et Paulus dixerunt ad2027570
I-Rvat SP B.79131vLA3Paulus et Joannes dixerunt00425186 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79131vLA4Nobis autem alius non est2032640
I-Rvat SP B.79131vLA5Laudemus viros gloriosus qui0035950
I-Rvat SP B.79131vLABDico autem vobis amici mei ne0022050