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Feast: Octava Rel. Vedasti

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Source: F-AS 893

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Total chants: 30
Distinct chants: 28
Antiphons: 7
Responsories: 14
Average number of concordances: 0
SiglumFolio IncipitCantus IDConcordances
(same feast)
F-AS 893406rVASancte et electe*2044130
F-AS 893406rVRMagnificavit*0071160
F-AS 893406rVV01Statuit*007116zb0
F-AS 893406rVHVoce jucunda*8303410
F-AS 893406rVWEcce sacerdos*0080400
F-AS 893406rVAMPraesulis summi*0043660
F-AS 893406rMIVenite adoremus dominum*0011730
F-AS 893406rMHPraeclara Christi carmina*8302730
F-AS 893406rMA1.Hic est Vedastus*2021560
F-AS 893406vMR1.1Doctor eximus*0064850
F-AS 893406vMR1.2Hic est Vedastus*0068290
F-AS 893406vMR1.3Juravit dominus*0070460
F-AS 893406vMR1.4Vedastus igitur*0078190
F-AS 893406vMA2.Mirum in modum*2031240
F-AS 893406vMR2.1Dum ergo*0065390
F-AS 893406vMR2.2Qui de rupe*0074760
F-AS 893406vMR2.3Praedicator*0074230
F-AS 893406vMR2.4Sancte Vedaste*0075800
F-AS 893406vMA3.Sancte et electe*2044130
F-AS 893406vMW3.Justus ut palma*0081170
F-AS 893406vMR3.1Mos ubi*6014530
F-AS 893406vMR3.2Invitatus*0069870
F-AS 893406vMR3.3Ora pro nobis*0073260
F-AS 893406vMR3.4Laudemus dominum*0070820
F-AS 893406vLA1Columna ignis*2008280
F-AS 893406vLRJustum deduxit*0070580
F-AS 893406vLHFelix Vedastus*8301190
F-AS 893406vLWEcce sacerdos*0080400
F-AS 893406vLABVir domini*2052240
F-AS 893406vV2A1Juravit*0035220