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Feast: Dom. p. Nat. Mariae

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Source: CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 17

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Total chants: 18
Distinct chants: 18
Antiphons: 10
Responsories: 1
Average number of concordances: 0
SiglumFolio IncipitCantus IDConcordances
(same feast)
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 17193vMINatalem sanctae*0011060
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 17193vMHFit porta*008305c0
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 17193vMA1.1Veni in hortum meum*0053250
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 17193vMA1.2Comedi favum*0018562 | A-Wn 1799** | F-Pn 1412
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 17193vMA1.3Talis est dilectus meus*0050982 | A-Wn 1799** | F-Pn 1412
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 17193vMW1.Ave Maria*0079580
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 17193vMA2.1Quam pulchra es*0044340
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 17193vMA2.2Dilecte mi apprehendam te*0022240
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 17193vMA2.3Descendi in hortum nucum*0021552 | A-Wn 1799** | F-Pn 1412
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 17193vMW2.Benedicta tu*0079710
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 17193vMA3.Alleluia ?*0013260
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 17193vMW3.Post partum*0081690
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 17193vLABNativitatem hodiernam*0038532 | A-Wn 1799** | F-AS 893
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 17193vV2ASancta Maria virgo succurre miseris*004703.20
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 17193vV2RAdjuva nos tuis precibus*0060410
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 17193vV2HO sancta mundi domina*8302490
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 17193vV2WSpeciosa facta es*0082020
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 17193vV2AMQuando nata est virgo*0044400