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Feast: Vigilia Matthaei

Chants for this feast are included in 9 sources.
Siglumsort descendingTotal chantsDistinct chantsAntiphonsResponsoriesAverage concordancesLink
CH-SGs 35955002Analyse
CZ-Pn (Praha) XIV D 1244004Analyse
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 39633004Analyse
CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 41877001Analyse
E-SAu Ms 263755004Analyse
PL-SAk 4011006Analyse
SK-Bra BMI EC Lad.3 EL1866003Analyse
SK-BRl Rkp. 38711006Analyse
SK-Sk Graduale Scepusiense Nr.111006Analyse

Liturgical positionsChants in sources -
Feast: Vigilia Matthaei


g01350: Justus ut palma | CZ-Pn (Praha) XIV D 12 | CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 396 | SK-Bra BMI EC Lad.3 EL18
g00002: Nimis honorati sunt | CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 418


g01260: Gloria et honore | CZ-Pn (Praha) XIV D 12 | CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 396 | SK-Bra BMI EC Lad.3 EL18
g00025: In omnem terram | CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 418


g01261: Magna est gloria | CZ-Pn (Praha) XIV D 12 | SK-Bra BMI EC Lad.3 EL18
g01289: Posuisti Domine | CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 396 | CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 418
g00359: Vos qui secuti estis | CZ-R (Rajhrad) R 418