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Feast: Caeciliae

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Source: I-Rvat SP B.79

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Total chants: 27
Distinct chants: 27
Antiphons: 12
Responsories: 6
Average number of concordances: 53
SiglumFolio IncipitCantus IDConcordances
(same feast)
I-Rvat SP B.79170rMIRegem virginum*00115146 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79170rMA1.1Christi virgo*0017870
I-Rvat SP B.79170rMA1.2Dextram*2012120
I-Rvat SP B.79170rMA1.3Christus*0017900
I-Rvat SP B.79170rMW1.Specie tua et pulchritudine*00820151 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79170rMR1.1Cantantibus organis Caecilia00626789 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79170rMV01Biduanis ac triduanis006267a61 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79170rMR1.2O beata Caecilia quae duos00725390 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79170rMV01Caecilia me misit ad vos ut007253a61 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79170rMR1.3Virgo gloriosa semper00790288 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79170vMV01Biduanis*007902za0
I-Rvat SP B.79170vMA2.1Induit me dominus*0033280
I-Rvat SP B.79170vMA2.2Mel et lac*0037340
I-Rvat SP B.79170vMA2.3Jam corpus*0034680
I-Rvat SP B.79170vMW2.Adjuvabit*00793437 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79170vMR2.1Domine Jesu Christe pastor00649889 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79170vMV01Nam sponsum quem quasi leonem006498a85 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79170vMR2.2Cilicio Caecilia membra00628488 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79170vMV01Fiat domine cor meum et006284za0
I-Rvat SP B.79171rMR2.3Beata Caecilia dixit Tiburtio00616190 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79171rMV01Sicut enim amor dei mihi006161c40 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79171rLA1Cantantibus organis Caecilia00176191 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79171rLA2Est secretum Valeriane quod00268092 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79171rLA3Caecilia me misit ad vos ut00174852 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79171rLA4Virgo gloriosa semper00545195 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79171vLA5Caecilia famula tua domine00174785 | » Display
I-Rvat SP B.79171vLABDum aurora finem daret00243791 | » Display