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Feast: Ad Magnificat

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Source: GB-WO F.160

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Total chants: 9
Distinct chants: 9
Antiphons: 9
Responsories: 0
Average number of concordances: 1
SiglumFolio IncipitCantus IDConcordances
(same feast)
GB-WO F.160081rVAMOsculetur me osculo oris sui2037452 | A-VOR 287 | GB-WO F.160 (Facs)
GB-WO F.160081rVAMPulchrae sunt genae tuae2040071 | GB-WO F.160 (Facs)
GB-WO F.160081rVAMEcce tu pulcher es dilecte2014811 | GB-WO F.160 (Facs)
GB-WO F.160081rVAMSi ignoras te o pulchra2046231 | GB-WO F.160 (Facs)
GB-WO F.160081vVAMVeni dilecte mi2051171 | GB-WO F.160 (Facs)
GB-WO F.160081vVAMSexaginta sunt reginae et2046031 | GB-WO F.160 (Facs)
GB-WO F.160081vVAMAperi mihi soror mea amica2003311 | GB-WO F.160 (Facs)
GB-WO F.160081vVAMFerculum fecit sibi rex2053711 | GB-WO F.160 (Facs)
GB-WO F.160081vVAMSoror nostra parvula est2047171 | GB-WO F.160 (Facs)