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Analysis of the source: I-BV 20

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This source contains chants for 86 feasts.
FeastTotal chantsDistinct chantsAntiphonsResponsoriessort descendingAverage concordancesLink
Fer. 3 in Letaniis22202Analyse
Dom. 23 p. Pent.22200Analyse
Dom. 4 p. Pascha998030Analyse
Dom. 1 p. Pent.22206Analyse
Sabbato Q.T. Sept.22205Analyse
Dom. 18 p. Pent.22209Analyse
Dom. 22 p. Pent.22201Analyse
Fer. 4 in Letaniis11100Analyse
Sabbato Pent.44303Analyse
Philippi, Jacobi876044Analyse
Dominica in estate66304Analyse
Dom. 17 p. Pent.22200Analyse
Fer. 6 Pent.11100Analyse
Dom. 21 p. Pent.22200Analyse
Dom. 26 p. Pent.11100Analyse
Fer. 3 Pent.111077Analyse
Dom. 16 p. Pent.22209Analyse
De Job101010035Analyse
Dom. 20 p. Pent.22201Analyse
Dom. 25 p. Pent.22200Analyse
Dom. post Ascensionem333013Analyse
Fer. 2 post Ascensionem44200Analyse
Octava Apostolorum11105Analyse
Dom. 24 p. Pent.22200Analyse
Dom. 5 p. Pascha666040Analyse
Dom. 14 p. Pent.22209Analyse
Fer. 2 in Letaniis11108Analyse
Ascensio Domini,855508Analyse
Dom. 19 p. Pent.22201Analyse
Nazarii, Celsi88610Analyse
Octava Pentecostes16161012Analyse
Cosmae, Damiani11010Analyse
Fer. 3 Hebd. 4 Pasc.22010Analyse
Transfiguratio Dom.66114Analyse
Septem Fratrum11010Analyse
Dom. 15 p. Pent.44312Analyse
Dom. 2 p. Pascha17158123Analyse
Exaltatio Crucis13137238Analyse
De Regum440266Analyse
Fer. 4 p. Oct.Pasch.66032Analyse
Fer. 2 Hebd. 4 Pasc.66030Analyse
Fer. 5 Pent.66236Analyse
Fer. 5 p. Pascha171711321Analyse
Fer. 2 Pent.12123329Analyse
Sabbato in Albis15159315Analyse
Dom. Pentecostes392916355Analyse
Fer. 5 p. Oct.Pasch.66033Analyse
Fer. 2 p. Oct.Pasch.1616435Analyse
Fer. 6 p. Pascha16159320Analyse
Fer. 3 p. Pascha14147337Analyse
Sabb. p. Oct. Pasch.55030Analyse
Fer. 4 Pent.883311Analyse
Fer. 6 p. Oct.Pasch.66032Analyse
Fer. 3 p. Oct.Pasch.66034Analyse
Sabb. post Ascensionem44136Analyse
Fer. 4 p. Pascha222112315Analyse
Duodecim Fratrum1212730Analyse
Fer. 6 post Ascensionem99436Analyse
Octava Paschae322812520Analyse
Inventio Crucis383722530Analyse
De Esther15153627Analyse
De Tobia21204843Analyse
Decoll. Jo. Bapt.474217925Analyse
Gervasii, Protasii2121792Analyse
Ascensio Domini515023951Analyse
Dom. 3 p. Pascha36359910Analyse
De Judith21213940Analyse
Appar. Michaelis44411694Analyse
Joannis, Pauli313117918Analyse
Inventio Stephani444317926Analyse
Joannis Baptistae514419965Analyse
Nativitas Mariae5049211038Analyse
De Trinitate6360271057Analyse
Assumptio Mariae5150221136Analyse
De Sanctis TP4342141219Analyse
De Machabaeis3939101453Analyse
De Prophetis444381652Analyse