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Analysis of the source: A-Wn 1799**

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This source contains chants for 255 feasts.
FeastTotal chantsDistinct chantssort descendingAntiphonsResponsoriesAverage concordancesLink
Joannis Baptistae,811105Analyse
Sabb. Hebd. 3 Quad.111090Analyse
Sabbato Hebd. 2 Adv.111079Analyse
Octava Nat. Mariae11100Analyse
Oct. Ascens. Domini11003Analyse
Benedicti TP11001Analyse
Sabb. Hebd. 2 Quad.111080Analyse
Sabbato Hebd. 1 Adv.111034Analyse
Sabbato Pent.11108Analyse
Sabb. Hebd. 1 Quad.111094Analyse
De BMV11105Analyse
Sabb. p. Oct. Asc.11105Analyse
Sabb. de Passione111018Analyse
Sabbato TP11102Analyse
Hebd. de Passione11009Analyse
Sabb. post Ascensionem11104Analyse
Sabbato in Albis111084Analyse
Die 5 a. Nat. Domini11106Analyse
Sabb. Hebd. 4 Quad.111039Analyse
Comm. unius Martyris TP22208Analyse
Fer. 4 Pent.222034Analyse
Comm. plurimorum Martyrum TP222022Analyse
Fer. 2 Hebd. 2 Quad.222099Analyse
Feria 3 TP22202Analyse
Fer. 6 Hebd. 1 Quad.222068Analyse
Fer. 4 de Passione222098Analyse
Dom. 22 p. Pent.222044Analyse
Fer. 5 Hebd. 2 Quad.22205Analyse
Fer. 2 post Ascensionem22205Analyse
Dom. 5 p. Pent.222049Analyse
Feria 5 TP22202Analyse
Fer. 6 Hebd. 4 Quad.222098Analyse
Dom. 11 p. Pent.222041Analyse
Dom. 16 p. Pent.222048Analyse
Octava Andreae22205Analyse
Dom. 3 p. Epiph.222060Analyse
Fer. 6 post Cineres222015Analyse
Fer. 5 p. Pascha222077Analyse
Fer. 3 Hebd. 1 Quad.222024Analyse
Octava Agnetis222014Analyse
Dom. 2 p. Epiph.222063Analyse
Fer. 4 p. Pascha222056Analyse
Dom. 4 p. Epiph.222058Analyse
Fer. 6 Hebd. 1 Adv.222081Analyse
Fer. 3 Hebd. 4 Quad.222073Analyse
Fer. 4 Cinerum222099Analyse
Dom. 21 p. Pent.222042Analyse
Fer. 5 Hebd. 2 Adv.222083Analyse
Fer. 6 Hebd. 3 Quad.222047Analyse
Dom. 10 p. Pent.222049Analyse
Dom. 15 p. Pent.222044Analyse
Fer. 4 Hebd. 2 Quad.222078Analyse
Fer. 6 Pent.222015Analyse
Fer. 3 Hebd. 1 Adv.222012Analyse
Dom. 9 p. Pent.222047Analyse
Oct. Nat. Innocent.222016Analyse
Comm. plurimorum Confessorum422010Analyse
Fer. 2 Hebd. 1 Quad.222097Analyse
Feria 3 in estate22013Analyse
Fer. 6 de Passione222097Analyse
Fer. 3 Hebd. 3 Quad.222080Analyse
Fer. 3 Pent.222049Analyse
Dom. 20 p. Pent.222038Analyse
Fer. 5 Hebd. 1 Quad.22205Analyse
Fer. 2 Hebd. 4 Quad.2220102Analyse
Dom. 5 p. Epiph.222033Analyse
Feria 4 TP22202Analyse
Feria 6 TP22202Analyse
Dom. 14 p. Pent.222046Analyse
Fer. 4 Hebd. 2 Adv.222085Analyse
Dom. 25 p. Pent.222011Analyse
Fer. 6 p. Pascha222085Analyse
Fer. 5 Hebd. 4 Quad.22206Analyse
Fer. 3 de Passione222081Analyse
Dom. 8 p. Pent.222028Analyse
Oct. Joannis Evang.222016Analyse
Dom. 19 p. Pent.222045Analyse
Joannis Port. Lat.22203Analyse
Fer. 2 Hebd. 1 Adv.222071Analyse
Feria 2 TP22202Analyse
Fer. 3 p. Pascha222069Analyse
Octava Stephani222019Analyse
Dom. p. Oct. Nat.22203Analyse
Nat. Innocentium,822205Analyse
Fer. 5 Hebd. 1 Adv.222080Analyse
Fer. 2 Hebd. 3 Quad.222099Analyse
Sabbato in estate22018Analyse
Fer. 6 Hebd. 2 Quad.222094Analyse
Dom. 13 p. Pent.222044Analyse
Fer. 4 Hebd. 1 Quad.222092Analyse
Dom. 24 p. Pent.222037Analyse
Fer. 6 p. Oct. Asc.22208Analyse
Fer. 5 Hebd. 3 Quad.22207Analyse
Fer. 2 Pent.222059Analyse
Dom. 7 p. Pent.222029Analyse
Dom. 18 p. Pent.222029Analyse
Fer. 4 Hebd. 4 Quad.222073Analyse
Fer. 2 de Passione222086Analyse
Fer. 5 post Cineres22205Analyse
Fer. 3 Hebd. 2 Quad.222090Analyse
Joannis Evang.,822203Analyse
Dom. 2 p. Pent.222037Analyse
Fer. 5 de Passione222016Analyse
Comm. unius Confessoris Pontificis222012Analyse
Dom. 4 p. Pent.222051Analyse
Feria 4 in estate22013Analyse
Fer. 6 Hebd. 2 Adv.222075Analyse
Fer. 3 post Ascensionem22206Analyse
Dom. 12 p. Pent.222036Analyse
Fer. 4 Hebd. 1 Adv.222080Analyse
Dom. 23 p. Pent.222045Analyse
Fer. 6 post Ascensionem22208Analyse
Fer. 2 p. Pascha222047Analyse
Dom. 6 p. Pent.222050Analyse
Feria 6 in estate220110Analyse
Dom. 17 p. Pent.222029Analyse
Fer. 4 Hebd. 3 Quad.222095Analyse
Feria 2 in estate220112Analyse
Fer. 5 Pent.222031Analyse
Octava Laurentii22207Analyse
Fer. 3 Hebd. 2 Adv.222085Analyse
Dom. Sexagesimae333057Analyse
Dom. p. Epiphaniam33303Analyse
Fer. 2 Hebd. 2 Adv.333043Analyse
Dom. 5 p. Pascha333063Analyse
Vincula Petri331112Analyse
Comm. duorum Apostolorum33112Analyse
Dom. 3 p. Pent.333034Analyse
Dom. 3 p. Pascha333055Analyse
Octava Paschae443039Analyse
Sabbato post Cineres44219Analyse
Hebd. 2 Adventus44403Analyse
Cathedra Petri441123Analyse
De Esther440254Analyse
Fer. 4 post Ascensionem55312Analyse
Ascensio Domini,865113Analyse
Fer. 6 Cor. Christi55310Analyse
Dom. p. Cor. Christi66501Analyse
Fer. 3 Hebd. 3 Adv.777015Analyse
Fer. 2 Hebd. 3 Adv.777025Analyse
Antiphonae Majores777098Analyse
Fer. 5 Hebd. 3 Adv.777035Analyse
Octava Apostolorum Petri et Pauli983213Analyse
Nativitas Mariae,888513Analyse
Dom. Resurrect.,8108123Analyse
Dom. post Ascensionem985118Analyse
Inventio Stephani119246Analyse
Dom. p. Assumptionem99802Analyse
Dom. p. Nat. Mariae99801Analyse
Hebd. 4 Adventus99905Analyse
De Judith991453Analyse
Fer. 3 Maj. Hebd.11117358Analyse
Assumptio Mariae,81111528Analyse
Octava Epiphaniae12129172Analyse
Sabbato Hebd. 3 Adv.12126319Analyse
Fer. 4 Hebd. 3 Adv.13137318Analyse
Fer. 2 Maj. Hebd.13137364Analyse
Fer. 6 Hebd. 3 Adv.13137323Analyse
Fer. 4 Maj. Hebd.13137344Analyse
De Tobia15142669Analyse
Fer. 6 in Parasceve14148378Analyse
Hebd. 1 Adventus1515524Analyse
Fer. 5 in Cena Dom.161610375Analyse
Sabbato Sancto19166478Analyse
Die 5 p. Epiphaniam171713110Analyse
Vigilia Nat. Domini21186450Analyse
Comm. plurimorum Virginum Martyrum2119690Analyse
Visitatio Mariae232210120Analyse
Dom. Pentecostes,827251335Analyse
Octava Nat. Domini272621171Analyse
Dom. 4 p. Pascha282731239Analyse
De Job282731260Analyse
De Machabaeis292841265Analyse
Dom. 2 p. Pascha302941231Analyse
De Sapientia302951266Analyse
De Prophetis302951266Analyse
Feria 6 per annum292917442Analyse
Dom. 4 Adventus323121451Analyse
Decoll. Jo. Bapt.343191339Analyse
Feria 4 per annum313118524Analyse
Dom. p. Nat. Dom.3332131414Analyse
Feria 5 per annum323218530Analyse
Dom. 3 Adventus333241356Analyse
Hebd. Nat. Dom.35321582Analyse
Sabbato per annum333318541Analyse
Inventio Crucis393361432Analyse
Philippi, Jacobi373461418Analyse
Ad Mandatum35341707Analyse
Dom. Quinquagesimae353451449Analyse
Feria 3 per annum353518530Analyse
Dom. 2 Adventus373651445Analyse
De Regum3837111268Analyse
Dom. 3 Quadragesimae393781469Analyse
Dom. 2 Quadragesimae393781460Analyse
Dom. 4 Quadragesimae393781467Analyse
Feria 2 per annum373719541Analyse
Dom. Septuagesimae383861455Analyse
Mariae Magdalenae4540211312Analyse
Joannis Evang.4040121455Analyse
Exaltatio Crucis4640151429Analyse
Dom. Pentecostes524171432Analyse
Ascensio Domini514171447Analyse
Dom. in Palmis414191555Analyse
Dom. Resurrectionis524271426Analyse
Dom. de Passione484391467Analyse
Nat. Innocentium4443151453Analyse
De Corona Spinea444315120Analyse
Dom. 1 Quadragesimae4545111462Analyse
Comm. unius Confessoris non Pontificis684615144Analyse
Nativitas Mariae5450181436Analyse
Comm. unius Confessoris5850151429Analyse
Dom. per annum5551111447Analyse
Comm. Evangelistarum6352211412Analyse
Dom. 1 Adventus5852131450Analyse
Joannis Baptistae6056251458Analyse
Assumptio Mariae6256251440Analyse
Comm. unius Virginis6956211412Analyse
Annuntiatio Mariae8157261425Analyse
Omnium Sanctorum7058251433Analyse
Purificatio Mariae6458251454Analyse
Corporis Christi7058251429Analyse
De Trinitate6458251451Analyse
Comm. plurimorum Martyrum6759241447Analyse
Comm. unius Martyris6959241448Analyse
Comm. Apostolorum6659251457Analyse
In Dedicatione Ecclesiae7360251437Analyse
XI milium Virginum676125154Analyse
Conversio Pauli7266201222Analyse
Nativitas Domini7768311560Analyse