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Analysis of the source: HR-Dsmbb III

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This source contains chants for 75 feasts.
Feastsort descendingTotal chantsDistinct chantsAntiphonsResponsoriesAverage concordancesLink
Ascensio Domini373313765Analyse
Ascensio Domini,8222015Analyse
Corporis Christi6657241441Analyse
De Job17170961Analyse
De Machabaeis23235966Analyse
De Prophetis22224970Analyse
De Regum424119952Analyse
De Sapientia20203868Analyse
De Tobia20202923Analyse
De Trinitate5448181262Analyse
De Trinitate,877031Analyse
Dom. 10 p. Pent.111053Analyse
Dom. 11 p. Pent.111051Analyse
Dom. 12 p. Pent.11108Analyse
Dom. 13 p. Pent.11107Analyse
Dom. 14 p. Pent.111049Analyse
Dom. 15 p. Pent.111039Analyse
Dom. 16 p. Pent.111052Analyse
Dom. 17 p. Pent.111026Analyse
Dom. 18 p. Pent.11109Analyse
Dom. 19 p. Pent.111045Analyse
Dom. 2 p. Pascha773344Analyse
Dom. 2 p. Pascha,8222015Analyse
Dom. 2 p. Pent.222037Analyse
Dom. 20 p. Pent.111044Analyse
Dom. 21 p. Pent.111045Analyse
Dom. 22 p. Pent.111042Analyse
Dom. 23 p. Pent.111046Analyse
Dom. 24 p. Pent.111040Analyse
Dom. 25 p. Pent.11108Analyse
Dom. 26 p. Pent.111020Analyse
Dom. 3 p. Pascha222063Analyse
Dom. 3 p. Pascha,822204Analyse
Dom. 3 p. Pent.222051Analyse
Dom. 4 p. Pascha982352Analyse
Dom. 4 p. Pascha,8222012Analyse
Dom. 4 p. Pent.222051Analyse
Dom. 5 p. Pascha222083Analyse
Dom. 5 p. Pent.222049Analyse
Dom. 6 p. Pent.111050Analyse
Dom. 7 p. Pent.111043Analyse
Dom. 9 p. Pent.111050Analyse
Dom. Pentecostes373414757Analyse
Dom. post Ascensionem442032Analyse
Dom. Resurrectionis333014358Analyse
Dom.1 mensis Augusti22111Analyse
Fer. 2 p. Oct.Pasch.16156310Analyse
Fer. 2 p. Pascha14143340Analyse
Fer. 2 Pent.882338Analyse
Fer. 2 post Ascensionem11102Analyse
Fer. 3 Hebd. 5 Pasc.66033Analyse
Fer. 3 p. Oct.Pasch.77039Analyse
Fer. 3 p. Pascha12122337Analyse
Fer. 3 Pent.992323Analyse
Fer. 3 post Ascensionem11102Analyse
Fer. 4 Hebd. 5 Pasc.66034Analyse
Fer. 4 p. Oct.Pasch.77038Analyse
Fer. 4 p. Pascha12122330Analyse
Fer. 4 Pent.992314Analyse
Fer. 4 post Ascensionem11102Analyse
Fer. 5 p. Pascha552045Analyse
Fer. 5 Pent.222031Analyse
Fer. 6 p. Oct. Asc.33202Analyse
Fer. 6 p. Pascha552043Analyse
Fer. 6 Pent.222015Analyse
Fer. 6 post Ascensionem99138Analyse
In Dedicatione Ecclesiae5148181250Analyse
In Letaniis222014Analyse
Octava Paschae16163428Analyse
Octava Paschae,8222020Analyse
Sabb. post Ascensionem88136Analyse
Sabbato in Albis10105114Analyse
Sabbato Pent.11106Analyse
Sabbato Sancto333013Analyse
Suff. Crucis222013Analyse