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Abdonis, Sennis

Abdon and Sennen, Martyrs

Jul.30 14073000 3 Analyse
Acacii et sociorum

Acacius and companions, Martyrs

Jun.22 14062220 87 Analyse
Ad aquam benedictio

Chants for the blessing of water

16010000 2 Analyse
Ad aspersionem aquae benedictae

For the sprinkling of Holy Water

16023000 2 Analyse
Ad aspersionem aquae benedictae TP

For the sprinkling of Holy Water in Eastertide

16023080 2 Analyse
Ad Benedicite

Antiphons for the Benedicite canticle

16001000 33 Analyse
Ad Benedictus

Antiphons for the Benedictus canticle

16002000 30 Analyse
Ad Completorium

For Compline

16006000 4 Analyse
Ad lavandum altaria

Chants for the washing of the altar

16024000 0 Analyse
Ad Magnificat

Antiphons for the Magnificat canticle

16003000 36 Analyse
Ad Mandatum

At the Mandatum (Foot-Washing)

07065010 189 Analyse
Ad Missam

Mass chants appearing as a group

16012000 37 Analyse
Ad Nunc Dimittis

Antiphons for the Nunc Dimittis canticle

16005000 0 Analyse
Ad Nunc Dimittis TP

Antiphons for the Nunc Dimittis canticle, Eastertide

16005080 1 Analyse
Ad Processionem

For Processions

16009000 74 Analyse
Ad Suffragium

Memorial chants

15000000 8 Analyse
Ad visitandum infirmum

Chants for the visiting of the sick

16013000 1 Analyse

Adalbert of Prague, Bishop and Martyr

Apr.23 14042310 24 Analyse

In week after Adalbert

14042318 0 Analyse

Adelaide, Empress

Dec.16 14121600 5 Analyse

Added or Miscellaneous Items

17001000 66 Analyse

Adrian, Martyr

Sep.10 14091000 61 Analyse
Adventus Ewaldorum

Arrival of the Ewald brothers' relics (heads) in Muenster

Oct.29 14102910 0 Analyse
Adventus Walburgae

The Departure of Walburga from England (to found a religious house in Bischofsheim)

Aug.4 14080410 3 Analyse

Aegidius (Giles), Abbot

Sep.1 14090100 150 Analyse
Aemiliani Cucullati

Aemilianus Cucullatus, Confessor, Relics in San Millan de la Cogolla

Nov.12 14111220 1 Analyse

Afra, Martyr

Aug.5 14080500 74 Analyse

Agapitus, Martyr

Aug.18 14081800 6 Analyse

In week after Agapitus

14081808 0 Analyse

Agatha, Virgin Martyr

Feb.5 14020500 157 Analyse

In week after Agatha

14020508 0 Analyse

Agnes, Virgin Martyr

Jan.21 14012100 164 Analyse
Agnetis Assisiensis

Agnes of Assisi, younger sister to Clare

Nov.16 14111610 2 Analyse

In week after Agnes

14012108 3 Analyse

Aichardus (Achard, Aichadrus, Aycadrius), Abbot

Sep.15 14091520 42 Analyse
Albani, Mart.

Albanus (Alban) of Mainz, Martyr

Jun.21 14062100 0 Analyse

Albert of Trapani, Confessor and Carmelite Friar

Aug.7 14080720 13 Analyse
Alberti Magni

Albert the Great (Albertus Magnus), Bishop of Regensburg and "Doctor Universalis"

Nov.15 14111550 0 Analyse
Albini, Epi.

Albinus (Aubin), Bishop of Angers

Mar.1 14030100 0 Analyse

Aldegundis, Virgin

Jan.30 14013000 36 Analyse
Alexandri et sociorum

Alexander and Eventius, Martyrs

May.3 14050310 23 Analyse

Alexis, the Man of God

Jul.17 14071700 0 Analyse
Allatio capillorum BMV

Celebrated 1st Sunday after Ascension Domini.

0 Analyse
Aloisii Gonzagae

Aloysius (Luigi) Gonzaga, Confessor, Patron of youthful Catholic students

Jun.21 14062120 8 Analyse
Alphonsi Mariae de Ligorio

Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, Bishop, Confessor, Doctor of the Church

Aug.2 14080210 10 Analyse

Amand (Amandus), Bishop

Feb.6 14020620 58 Analyse

Amatus, Bishop of Sens

Oct.19 14101900 6 Analyse

Amator (Amatre), Bishop of Auxerre

May.1 14050130 0 Analyse

Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, Doctor

Apr.4 14040400 1 Analyse
Ambrosii TP

Ambrose, Eastertide

Apr.4 14040480 0 Analyse

Anastasius the Persian, Martyr

Jan.22 14012210 2 Analyse

Andrew, Apostle

Nov.30 14113000 244 Analyse
Andreae Avellini

Andrew, Avellino (Lancelotto), Confessor

Nov.10 14111010 0 Analyse
Andreae Corsini

Andrew Corsini, Carmelite "apostle of Florence"

Feb.4 14020400 0 Analyse

In week after Andrew

14113008 5 Analyse
Angelae Mericiae

Angela Merici, Virgin, Foundress of the Ursuline Order of Nuns

May.31 14053120 0 Analyse
Angeli Custodis

For Guardian Angels

Oct.2 14100220 86 Analyse

Anianus (Aignan), Bishop of Orleans

Nov.17 14111710 0 Analyse

Anne, Mother of Mary

Jul.26 14072610 386 Analyse
Annuntiatio Mariae

Annunciation of Mary (Lady Day)

Mar.25 14032500 184 Analyse
Annuntiatio Mariae, Dom. infra oct.

Sunday after Annunciation of Mary

14032501 0 Analyse
Annuntiatio Mariae,8

In week after Annunciation of Mary

14032508 0 Analyse
Annuntiatio TP

Annunciation of Mary, Eastertide

Mar.25 14032580 0 Analyse

Anselm, Bishop, Confessor, Doctor of the Church

Apr.21 14042100 0 Analyse

Anskar, Bishop and Confessor

Feb.3 14020310 2 Analyse
Antiphonae Majores

Great 'O' Antiphons

01048010 20 Analyse

Antony, Abbot

Jan.17 14011700 45 Analyse
Antonii Mariae Claret

Antonio Maria Claret y Clara, Bishop, Confessor, Spanish Prelate and Missionary

Oct.23 14102330 0 Analyse
Antonii Mariae Zaccaria

Antonio Maria Zaccaria, Confessor, Founder of the Clerks Regular of St. Paul (Barnabites)

Jul.5 14070500 12 Analyse
Antonii Patavini

Anthony of Padua, Doctor

Jun.13 14061300 54 Analyse

Antoninus, Martyr

Sep.2 14090200 48 Analyse
Antonini Episcopi

Antoninus, Archbishop of Florence

May.10 14051010 0 Analyse

Apollinaris, Bishop of Ravenna

Jul.23 14072320 66 Analyse

Apollonia, Virgin Martyr

Feb.9 14020900 1 Analyse
Appar. Michaelis

Appearing of Michael the Archangel

May.8 14050800 11 Analyse
Aquilae, Priscae

Aquila and Prisca, Virgin Martyrs

Jan.18 14011810 3 Analyse

Arnulf, Bishop of Metz

Aug.16 14081600 14 Analyse
Arnulfi Metensis

Arnulfus (Arnoul), Bishop of Metz

Jul.18 14071810 51 Analyse
Ascensio Domini

Ascension Thursday

08065000 307 Analyse
Ascensio Domini,8

In week after Ascension

08065008 14 Analyse
Ascensionis Domini, in vigilia

Eve of Ascension

08064001 12 Analyse
Assumptio Mariae

Assumption of Mary

Aug.15 14081500 435 Analyse
Assumptio Mariae,8

In week after Assumption of Mary

14081508 88 Analyse

Athanasius, Archbishop of Alexandria

May.2 14050200 0 Analyse

Aubert (Aubertus), Bishop of Cambrai

Dec.13 14121310 21 Analyse

Audoenus (Ouen), Bishop of Rouen

Aug.24 14082410 46 Analyse

Audomarus (Omer), Bishop

Sep.9 14090920 0 Analyse

Augustine, Bishop and Doctor

Aug.28 14082800 57 Analyse
Augustini Cant.

Augustine (Austin), of Canterbury

May.26 14052610 2 Analyse

In week after Augustine

14082808 0 Analyse

Aurea, Abbess in Paris

Oct.4 14100410 0 Analyse

Austremonius (Stremoine), Bishop, Martyr, Apostle of Auvergne

Nov.1 14110160 1 Analyse

Avitus, Abbot and Confessor, born at Aurillac

Jun.17 14061720 0 Analyse

Babolenus, Abbot

Jun.26 14062610 52 Analyse

Balbina, Virgin Martyr

Aug.28 14082850 2 Analyse

Balthildis (Bathildis), Queen

Jan.30 14013010 0 Analyse

Barbara, Virgin Martyr

Dec.4 14120400 199 Analyse

Barbatus (Barbas), Bishop of Benevento

Feb.19 14021900 25 Analyse

Barnabas, Apostle

Jun.11 14061100 0 Analyse

Bartholomew, Apostle

Aug.24 14082400 146 Analyse
Basilidis et sociorum

Basilides and companions (Cyrinus, Nabor, and Nazarius), Martyrs

Jun.12 14061200 5 Analyse

Basil of Ancyra, Martyr

Jan.2 14010200 0 Analyse
Basilii, Doct.

Basil the Great, Doctor

Jun.14 14061400 1 Analyse
Beata Mariae Virginis Omnium Gratiarum Mediatricis
11 Analyse
Beatae Mariae Virginis de Mercede
Sep.24 0 Analyse

The Venerable Bede, Doctor

May.26 14052600 0 Analyse

Benedicta, Virgin Martyr

Oct.8 14100810 0 Analyse

Benedict, Abbot

Mar.21 14032100 309 Analyse
Benedicti Josephi Labre Conf.
12 Analyse
Benedicti TP

Benedict, Eastertide

Mar.21 14032180 0 Analyse
Benedicti, Fer.3

Benedict, for Tuesday within the octave

14032103 0 Analyse

In week after Benedict

14032108 0 Analyse
Benedictio crucis

Chants for the blessing of the cross

16048000 0 Analyse

Benignus of Dijon, Martyr

Nov.1 14110140 42 Analyse

Bernard, Abbot and Doctor

Aug.20 14082010 57 Analyse

In week after Bernard

14082018 0 Analyse
Bernardini Senensis

Bernardinus degl' Albizzeschi of Siena, Confessor

May.20 14052010 2 Analyse
Bibianae Virginis et Martyris
Dec.2 0 Analyse

Bridget of Sweden, Matron

Oct.8 14100840 2 Analyse
Birgittae Viduae
Oct.8 0 Analyse

Blaise, Bishop of Sebastea, Martyr

Feb.3 14020300 108 Analyse

In week after Blaise

14020308 1 Analyse
BMV a Rosario

Our Lady of the Rosary

Oct.7 14100730 6 Analyse
BMV ab Exilio

Our Lady of Exile (on the third Sunday after Epiphany)

15031050 0 Analyse
BMV de Bono Consilio

Our Lady of Good Counsel

Apr.26 14042600 7 Analyse
BMV de Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Dec.12 14121210 5 Analyse
BMV de Monte Carmelo

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Jul.16 14071610 1 Analyse
BMV de Perpetuo Succursu

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Jun.27 14062730 5 Analyse
BMV Immaculatae a Sacro Numismate

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

Nov.27 14112700 6 Analyse

Bonaventure, Bishop, Confessor, Doctor of the Church

Jul.14 14071420 12 Analyse

Boniface, Archbishop and Martyr

Jun.5 14060500 42 Analyse
Bonifatii Martyris
May.14 0 Analyse

Bononius, Abbot, Disciple of Romuald

Aug.30 14083010 1 Analyse

Botwid, Martyr

Jul.28 14072820 2 Analyse

Botulph, Abbot, founder of Ikanhoe monastery

Jun.17 14061710 0 Analyse

Brice, Bishop of Tours

Nov.13 14111300 18 Analyse

In week after Brice

14111308 0 Analyse

Brigid (Bride), Abbess

Feb.1 14020100 0 Analyse
Brunonis Confessoris
Oct.6 0 Analyse

Burchard (Burkhard), Bishop and Confessor

Oct.14 14101410 0 Analyse

Cecilia (Cecily), Virgin Martyr

Nov.22 14112200 128 Analyse

In week after Cecilia

14112208 0 Analyse
Caesarii, Juliani

Caesarius and Julian, Martyrs

Nov.1 14110130 5 Analyse
Cajetani Confessoris
Aug.7 0 Analyse

Callistus (Calixtus) I, Pope

Oct.14 14101400 3 Analyse
Camilli de Lellis Confessoris
Jul.18 2 Analyse

Candidus, Martyr, at Innichen, diocese of Brixen, Tyrol

Dec.1 14120110 0 Analyse

Cantius, Cantianus and Cantianilla, Martyrs

May.31 14053100 45 Analyse
Canuti Regis, Martyris
Jan.19 1 Analyse
Caprasii, Abb.

Caprasius, Abbot of Lerins

Jun.1 14060110 0 Analyse
Caprasii, Mart.

Caprasius, Martyr, of Agen

Oct.20 14102000 0 Analyse

Caraunus, Deacon and Martyr

May.28 14052810 0 Analyse
Caroli Episcopi Confessoris
Nov.4 0 Analyse
Casimiri Confessoris
Mar.1 0 Analyse

Castulus, Martyr

Mar.26 14032610 0 Analyse

Catharine of Alexandria, Martyr

Nov.25 14112500 175 Analyse
Catharinae Bononiensis

Catharine of Bologna, Poor Clare and mystical writer (canonized 1712)

Mar.9 14030920 3 Analyse
Catharinae Senensis

Catherine of Siena

Apr.29 14042920 0 Analyse
Cathedra Petri

Peter's Chair

Feb.22 14022200 107 Analyse
Celsi, Juliani

Celsus and Julian, Martyrs

Jan.9 14010900 0 Analyse

Chlodoaldus (Cloud), Frankish prince

Sep.7 14090720 0 Analyse

Christina, Virgin Martyr

Jul.24 14072400 1 Analyse

Christopher, Martyr

Jul.25 14072510 45 Analyse
Chrysanthi, Dariae

Chrysanthus, Daria, Maurus, Martyrs

Nov.29 14112910 47 Analyse

Chrysogonus, Martyr

Nov.24 14112400 3 Analyse
Circumcisio Domini

The circumcision of Christ

Jan.1 02010110 2 Analyse

Clare of Assisi, Foundress of the Poor Clares

Aug.12 14081200 46 Analyse
Claudii commentariensis, Symphoriani, Nicostrati et sociorum

Claudius, his sons Felicissimus and Symphorianus, his brother Victorinus, and Castor the brother of the jailer Nicostratus, Roman Martyrs

Jul.7 14070740 0 Analyse

Clement I, Pope and Martyr

Nov.23 14112300 125 Analyse
Clementis Metensis

Clement, first Bishop of Metz

Nov.23 14112340 0 Analyse

In week after Clement

14112308 0 Analyse

Cleophas, father of James the Less

Sep.25 14092510 0 Analyse
Cleti et Marcellini Pont. Mart.
Apr.26 0 Analyse

Coloman, Martyr

Oct.13 14101320 10 Analyse

Columba of Sens, Virgin Martyr

Dec.31 14123110 0 Analyse

Columbanus (Columban), Abbot

Nov.23 14112330 1 Analyse
Comm. Aniceti I Papae et Martyris
Apr.17 0 Analyse
Comm. Apostolorum

Common of Apostles

12001000 249 Analyse
Comm. Apostolorum et Evangelistarum

Common of Apostles and Evangelists

12019000 10 Analyse
Comm. Apostolorum post Septuagesima

Common of Apostles, after Septuagesima

12601000 0 Analyse
Comm. Apostolorum sive Martyrum TP

Common of Apostles or Martyrs, Eastertide

12801100 0 Analyse
Comm. Apostolorum TP

Common of Apostles, Eastertide

12801000 7 Analyse
Comm. Apostolorum TQ

Common of Apostles, Lent

12701000 0 Analyse
Comm. Apostolorum,8

Common of Apostles, in week of

12001008 1 Analyse
Comm. Conjungium

Common of Holy Matrons

12012000 3 Analyse
Comm. Conjungium Martyrum

Common of Holy Matron Martyrs

12012200 0 Analyse
Comm. Conjungium non Martyrum

Common of Holy Matrons (not Martyrs)

12012100 0 Analyse
Comm. duorum Apostolorum

Common of two Apostles

12001200 3 Analyse
Comm. Evangelistarum

Common of Evangelists

12011000 44 Analyse
Comm. Evangelistarum TP

Common of Evangelists, Eastertide

12811000 4 Analyse
Comm. plurimorum Apostolorum in vigilia

Eve of Apostles

12001010 0 Analyse
Comm. plurimorum Confessorum

Common of several Confessors

12005000 32 Analyse
Comm. plurimorum Confessorum et Doctorum

Common of several Confessors (Doctors)

12005300 0 Analyse
Comm. plurimorum Confessorum non Pontificum

Common of several Confessors (not Popes)

12005200 17 Analyse
Comm. plurimorum Confessorum non Pontificum TP

Common of several Confessors (not Popes), Eastertide

12805200 0 Analyse
Comm. plurimorum Confessorum Pontificum

Common of several Confessors (Popes)

12005100 11 Analyse
Comm. plurimorum Confessorum TP

Common of several Confessors, Eastertide

12805000 1 Analyse
Comm. plurimorum Martyrum

Common of several Martyrs

12003000 331 Analyse
Comm. plurimorum Martyrum in vigilia

Eve of several Martyrs

12003010 0 Analyse
Comm. plurimorum Martyrum non Virginum

Common of several Martyrs (not Virgins)

12003100 11 Analyse