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Guthlac, Hermit of Croyland

Apr.11 14041100 25 Analyse

Hadulf, Abbot and Bishop of Arras

May.19 14051900 0 Analyse
Hebd. 1 Adventus

1st week of Advent

01018000 0 Analyse
Hebd. 1 Quad.

1st week of Lent

07018000 1 Analyse
Hebd. 2 Adventus

2nd week of Advent

01028000 1 Analyse
Hebd. 2 p. Pascha

2nd week after Easter

08028000 0 Analyse
Hebd. 2 Quad.

2nd week of Lent

07028000 0 Analyse
Hebd. 3 Adventus

3rd week of Advent

01038000 0 Analyse
Hebd. 3 p. Pascha

3rd week after Easter

08038000 1 Analyse
Hebd. 3 Quad.

3rd week of Lent

07038000 0 Analyse
Hebd. 4 Adventus

4th week of Advent

01048000 35 Analyse
Hebd. 4 p. Pascha

4th week after Easter

08048000 0 Analyse
Hebd. 4 Quad.

4th week of Lent

07048000 0 Analyse
Hebd. 5 p. Pascha

5th week after Easter

08058000 0 Analyse
Hebd. 6 p. Pascha

6th week after Easter

08068000 0 Analyse
Hebd. Adventus

Weekdays in Advent

01008000 0 Analyse
Hebd. de Job

Summer Histories, from Job, for weekdays

10308000 0 Analyse
Hebd. de Judith

Summer Histories, from Judith, for weekdays

10508000 0 Analyse
Hebd. de Machabaeis

Summer Histories, from Maccabees, for weekdays

10808000 0 Analyse
Hebd. de Passione

5th week of Lent

07058000 3 Analyse
Hebd. de Prophetis

Summer Histories, from the Prophets, for weekdays

10908000 0 Analyse
Hebd. de Regum

Summer Histories, from Kings, for weekdays

10100008 0 Analyse
Hebd. de Sapientia

Summer Histories, from Wisdom, for weekdays

10208000 0 Analyse
Hebd. de Tobia

Summer Histories, from Tobias, for weekdays

10408000 0 Analyse
Hebd. Nat. Dom.

Weekdays in Christmastide

02008000 1 Analyse
Hebd. p. Pent.

Weekdays after Pentecost

09008000 0 Analyse
Hebd. per annum

Weekdays, Ferial Office

04008000 5 Analyse
Hebd. Quadragesimae

Weekdays in Lent

07008000 0 Analyse
Hebd. Quinquagesimae

Week after Quinquagesima

06038000 10 Analyse
Hebd. Sancta

Holy Week

07068000 3 Analyse
Hebd. Septuagesimae

Week after Septuagesima

06018000 9 Analyse
Hebd. Sexagesimae

Week after Sexagesima

06028000 13 Analyse
Hebd. TP

Weekdays, Eastertide

08008000 1 Analyse

Hedwig, Matron and Duchess of Silesia

Oct.16 14101640 83 Analyse
Helari, Tatiani

Hilary (Bishop of Aquileia) and Tatianus, Martyrs

Mar.16 14031600 42 Analyse

Helen, Finder of the True Cross, Mother of Constantine the Great

Aug.18 14081830 46 Analyse
Helenae Imperatricis, Viduae
4 Analyse
Helenae Schedviensis

Helen of Skoefde (Sweden), Martyr

Jul.31 14073110 2 Analyse

Henry of Uppsala, Bishop and Martyr, Patron Saint of Finland

Jan.19 14011940 2 Analyse
Henrici Imperatoris

Henry II, Confessor; German King and Roman Emperor; died Jul.13, 1024

Jul.13 14071300 4 Analyse

Hermeland, Abbot of Aindre (Nantes)

Oct.18 14101820 0 Analyse
Herculani Perusini

Herculanus, Martyr, Bishop of Perugia

Mar.1 14030120 10 Analyse
Hermagorae, Fort.,8

In week after Hermagoras and Fortunatus

14071208 3 Analyse

Hermagoras and Fortunatus, Martyrs

Jul.12 14071200 43 Analyse
Hermenegildi Martyris
Apr.13 2 Analyse

Hermes, Martyr

Aug.28 14082830 24 Analyse

Jerome, Doctor

Sep.30 14093000 41 Analyse

In week after Jerome

14093008 0 Analyse
Hieronymi AEmiliani Confessoris
Jul.20 6 Analyse
Hilariae et sociorum

Hilaria, Martyr, Mother of Afra, Matron at Augsburg, and companions

Aug.12 14081230 0 Analyse

Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers, Doctor

Jan.14 14011400 46 Analyse
Hilarii Arelatensis

Hilary (Hilarius or Hilarus), Archbishop of Arles, Confessor

May.5 14050500 37 Analyse

Hilarion, Abbot

Oct.21 14102120 3 Analyse

Hippolytus, Martyr

Aug.13 14081300 75 Analyse

Hubert, First Bishop of Liege, Confessor

Nov.3 14110330 3 Analyse

Hugo (Hugh), Abbot of Jumieges and Archbishop of Rouen

Apr.9 14040910 1 Analyse
Hugonis TP

Hugo, Eastertide

Apr.9 14040980 1 Analyse

Humbert, Abbot and Bishop

Sep.6 14090600 0 Analyse

Hunegundis, Abbess

Aug.25 14082510 1 Analyse
Hyacinthi Confessoris
Aug.17 0 Analyse


16007000 32 Analyse

Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, Martyr

Feb.1 14020110 4 Analyse
Ignatii Confessoris
Jul.31 2 Analyse

Ildephonsus, Archbishop of Toledo

Jan.23 14012301 0 Analyse

Imerius (Himerius) of Immertal, monk, hermit, and missionary in the Swiss Jura

Nov.12 14111240 0 Analyse
Immaculati Cordis B. M. V.
Aug.22 11 Analyse
In Apparitione B. M. V. Immaculate
Feb.11 11 Analyse
In Comm. Omnium SS. Summorum Pontificum. Die 4 Julii
3 Analyse
In Comm. Septem Dolorum B. Mariae V.
3 Analyse
In dedicatione altaris

Commemoration of an altar's dedication

16011000 1 Analyse
In dedicatione archibasilicae S. Salvatoris

Dedication of Saint Saviour's

Nov.9 14110940 5 Analyse
In Dedicatione Ecclesiae

Dedication of a Church

12008000 416 Analyse
In Dedicatione Ecclesiae TP

Dedication of a Church, in Eastertide

12008080 0 Analyse
In Dedicatione Ecclesiae,8

In week after Dedication of Church

12008008 1 Analyse
In dedicatione S. Mariae

Commemoration of the date when Boniface IV dedicated the Pantheon in Rome to the service of God in the name of "S. Mariae semper Virginis et omnium Martyrum"

May.13 14051310 0 Analyse
In estate

General, in summer

10000000 1 Analyse
In Festo D. N. Jesu Christi Regis
20 Analyse
In festo sollemni
0 Analyse
In Letaniis

General, Rogation Days

08068010 47 Analyse
In Letaniis maj.

The greater litany; The Major Rogation

Apr.25 08042500 30 Analyse
In nativitate Pontificis

Chants for the birthday of a Pope

16208020 1 Analyse
In tempore Adventus

General, in Advent

01000000 52 Analyse
In tempore belli contra Sarracenos

Chants in time of war against the Saracens

16021000 0 Analyse
In tempore Epiphaniae

General, after Epiphany

05000000 1 Analyse
In tempore Nat.

General, in Christmastide

03000000 5 Analyse
In tempore oritur inter Christianos

Chants in time of an uprising among Christians

16022000 0 Analyse
In tempore Paschae

General, Eastertide

08000000 80 Analyse
In tempore pestilentiae

Chants in time of the plague

16018000 0 Analyse
In tempore Quad.

General, in Lent

07000000 8 Analyse
In transitu Francisci

Anniversary of the death of Francis of Assisi

Oct.3 14100330 1 Analyse
In Triduum

General, during the Triduum

07069000 2 Analyse
Ingenuini et Albuini

Ingenuinus (Genuinus), Bishop of Seben in Tyrol, and Albuinus, Bishop of Brixen

Feb.5 14020510 0 Analyse
Invent. Michaelis
7 Analyse
Inventio Afrae

Finding of Afra's relics

?? 17004000 0 Analyse
Inventio Antonini

Finding of Antoninus's relics

Nov.13 14111310 36 Analyse
Inventio Catharinae

Finding of Catharine of Alexandria's relics on Mount Sinai (as venerated by the Parisian Confraternity of the Doublet Makers)

? 17006000 4 Analyse
Inventio Clarae

The finding of Clare's relics

Sep.23 14092310 3 Analyse
Inventio Crucis

Finding of the Cross

May.3 14050300 184 Analyse
Inventio Crucis,8

In week after the Finding of the Cross

14050308 0 Analyse
Inventio Dionysii

Finding of Denis's relics

Apr.22 14042200 2 Analyse
Inventio Firmini

Finding of Firminus's relics

Jan.15 14011520 42 Analyse
Inventio Francisci

The finding of Francis's relics

Dec.12 14121220 3 Analyse
Inventio Stephani

Finding of Stephen's relics (First Martyr)

Aug.3 14080300 92 Analyse
Inventio Udalrici

Finding of Ulric's relics

?? 17005000 0 Analyse

Invitatory Antiphons or Psalms

16004000 28 Analyse
Invocatio Sancti Spiritus
4 Analyse
Irenaei Episcopi, Martyris
Jul.3 10 Analyse
Isaaci Jogues, Joannis de Brebeuf et Sociorum, Martyrum S. J.
6 Analyse

Isabel, Virgin, Sister of King Louis IX of France (daughter of King Louis VIII), founder of a convent at Longchamp

Sep.1 14090160 1 Analyse
Isidori Episcopi Confessoris et Ecclesiae Doctoris
Apr.4 6 Analyse

Ivo, "Bishop of Persia"

Apr.24 14042410 0 Analyse

Iwigius (Ywi, Iwig, Ivi, Ywy, Ivy, Iwie), Deacon, Hermit, of Lindisfarne

Oct.8 14100860 2 Analyse
Iwigii, Transl.

Moving of relics of Iwigius

?? 17009000 0 Analyse

James the Greater, Apostle

Jul.25 14072500 135 Analyse

In week after James the Greater

14072508 6 Analyse

Januarius of Benevento

Sep.19 14091900 43 Analyse
Januarii et sociorum

Januarius, Faustus, and Martialis, Martyrs (the "Three Crowns of Cordova")

Oct.19 14101910 16 Analyse
Joachim Confessoris Patris B. M. V.
Aug.16 2 Analyse

Joachim, the father of Mary

Mar.20 14032010 2 Analyse
Joannae de Arc Virginis
8 Analyse
Joannae Franciscae Fremiot de Chantal Viduae
Aug.21 0 Analyse
Joannis a Cruce Confessoris Ecclesiae Doctoris
Nov.24 4 Analyse
Joannis a Deo Confessoris
Mar.8 0 Analyse
Joannis a S. Facundo Confessoris
Jun.12 0 Analyse
Joannis Baptistae

John the Baptist

Jun.24 14062400 288 Analyse
Joannis Baptistae de la Salle Conf.
May.15 4 Analyse
Joannis Baptistae,8

In week after John the Baptist

14062408 2 Analyse
Joannis Berchmans Confessoris. Die 13 Augusti
11 Analyse
Joannis Bosco, Confessoris
Jan.31 10 Analyse
Joannis Cantii Confessoris
Oct.20 10 Analyse
Joannis Capistranensis

John of Capistrano, Confessor, Missionary

Oct.23 14102340 10 Analyse
Joannis Cassiani

John Cassian, Abbot

Jul.23 14072310 8 Analyse
Joannis Chrysostomi

John Chrysostom, Doctor

Jan.27 14012700 0 Analyse
Joannis Damasceni Confessoris et Ecclesiae Doctoris
Mar.27 11 Analyse
Joannis de Husinec

Jan Hus (d. 1415, Council of Constance), venerated as a saint in 15th- and 16th-century Bohemia

Jul.6 14070640 0 Analyse
Joannis de Matha Confessoris
Feb.8 0 Analyse
Joannis Eudes Confessoris
Aug.19 6 Analyse
Joannis Evang.

John the Evangelist

Dec.27 02122700 330 Analyse
Joannis Evang.,8

In week after John the Evangelist

02122708 0 Analyse
Joannis Fischer Ep. Et Thomae Morus, Martyrum
5 Analyse
Joannis Francisci Regis

Jean-François Régis (also "John Francis Regis" and "St Regis"), priest of the Society of Jesus, canonized in 1737

Jun.16 14061610 5 Analyse
Joannis Gualberti Abbatis
Jul.12 0 Analyse
Joannis I Papae, Martyris
May.27 0 Analyse
Joannis Leonardi Confessoris
Oct.9 11 Analyse
Joannis Mariae Vianney Confessoris
Aug.8 0 Analyse
Joannis Mariae Vianney. Die 9 Augusti
12 Analyse
Joannis Nepomuceni Martyris. Die 16 Maii
11 Analyse
Joannis Port. Lat.

John before the Latin Gate

May.6 14050600 8 Analyse
Joannis, Pauli

John and Paul, Martyrs

Jun.26 14062600 87 Analyse
Josaphat Episcopi Martyris
Nov.14 1 Analyse
Joseph Opificis, Sponsi B. Mariae Virg. Confes.
May.1 10 Analyse

Joseph, spouse of Mary

Mar.19 14031900 18 Analyse
Josephi Calasanctii Confessoris
Aug.27 3 Analyse
Josephi de Cupertino Confessoris
Sep.18 4 Analyse
Josephi Prophetae

Joseph, son of Jacob and Rachel

Mar.8 14030800 0 Analyse
Judae Quiriaci

Judas Quiriacus (Cyriacus), Bishop

May.4 14050420 17 Analyse

Judoc, Prince and Hermit

Dec.13 14121330 78 Analyse

Juliana, Virgin Martyr

Feb.16 14021600 37 Analyse
Julianae de Falconeriis Virginis
Jun.19 1 Analyse

Julian of Brioude, Martyr

Aug.28 14082810 49 Analyse
Juliani, Epi.

Julian, Bishop of Le Mans

Jan.27 14012710 29 Analyse
Juliani, Hermetis

Julian of Brioude and Hermes, Martyrs

Aug.28 14082860 0 Analyse
Justae et Rufinae

Justa and Rufina, Virgin Martyrs, patronesses of Seville

Jul.17 14071730 3 Analyse

Justus of Beauvais, Martyr

Oct.18 14101810 41 Analyse
Justi, Epi.

Justus, Bishop of Lyons

Sep.1 14090150 0 Analyse
Justinae, Cypriani

Justina and Cyprian, Martyrs

Sep.26 14092600 39 Analyse
Justinae, Cypriani,8

In week after Justina and Cyprian

14092608 0 Analyse

Justin, child martyred near Paris

Aug.8 14080810 0 Analyse
Justini Martyris
Apr.14 10 Analyse

Juvenal, Bishop of Narni

May.3 14050320 0 Analyse
Juventi corporis Clarae

The young body of Clare of Assisi

Sep.23 14092320 0 Analyse
Karoli Magni

Charlemagne, Emperor and Confessor

Jan.28 14012810 57 Analyse

Kenelm, Prince of Mercian Royal Family

Jul.17 14071710 0 Analyse
Kiliani et sociorum

Kilian and companions, Martyrs

Jul.8 14070810 35 Analyse

Cunegund (Kunegunde), Queen

Mar.3 14030300 5 Analyse

Indicates missing page(s) in MS

00000000 0 Analyse

Ladislaus, King of Hungary

Jun.27 14062700 36 Analyse

Lambert, Bishop of Maestricht

Sep.17 14091700 96 Analyse

In week after Lambert

14091708 1 Analyse

Landelinus, Abbot

Jun.15 14061520 0 Analyse

Landericus (Landry), Bishop of Paris

Jun.10 14061000 0 Analyse

Launomarus, Abbot of Corbie

Jan.19 14011930 0 Analyse

Laurence, Martyr

Aug.10 14081000 295 Analyse
Laurentii de Brundusio Confessoris et Ecclesiae Doctoris
Jul.21 0 Analyse
Laurentii Justiniani Episcopi, Conf.
Sep.5 0 Analyse

In week after Laurence

14081008 7 Analyse

Lazarus of Bethany, "Bp." Marseilles

Dec.17 14121700 35 Analyse

Lebwin (Lebuin, Liafwin, Leafwine), Confessor

Nov.12 14111200 0 Analyse

Leodegarius (Leger), Bishop Martyr

Oct.2 14100200 45 Analyse

Leonard, Hermit

Nov.6 14110610 92 Analyse
Leonardi a Portu Mauritio

Leonardo of Porto Maurizio (Leonard of Port Maurice), confessor, missionary and ascetic writer (canonized 1867)

Nov.26 14112630 2 Analyse

Leo the Great, Pope

Jun.28 14062800 0 Analyse
Leonis I Papae, Confessoris et Ecclesiae Doctoris
Apr.11 0 Analyse
Leonis, Pont.

Leo IX, Pope

Apr.19 14041900 0 Analyse
Leonis, Pont., Quad.

Leo IX, Pope, when the feast occurs during Lent

Apr.19 14041910 0 Analyse

Leopardus, Martyr

Sep.30 14093010 34 Analyse

Leopold, Prince of Austria

Nov.15 14111520 43 Analyse

Leufred (Leufroy), Abbot

Jun.21 14062110 0 Analyse

Liborius, Confessor and Bishop of Lemans

Jul.23 14072300 0 Analyse

Licinius, Confessor, Bishop of Angers

Nov.1 14110150 1 Analyse