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Sabb. p. Epiphaniam

Saturday, 1st week after Epiphany

05017000 0 Analyse
Sabb. p. Nat. Dom.

Saturday after Christmas

03027000 0 Analyse
Sabb. p. Oct. Asc.

Saturday, after the Octave of Ascension

08077100 1 Analyse
Sabb. p. Oct. Pasch.

Saturday, 2nd week after Easter

08027000 5 Analyse
Sabb. post Ascensionem

Saturday after Ascension

08067000 2 Analyse
Sabb. Quadragesimae

Saturdays in Lent

07007000 1 Analyse
Sabb. Septuagesimae

Septuagesima Saturday

06017000 0 Analyse
Sabb. Sexagesimae

Sexagesima Saturday

06027000 0 Analyse

Saturday after Octave of Corpus Christi

09027000 0 Analyse
Sabbato 3 p. Pascha

Saturday, 3rd week after Easter

08037000 1 Analyse
Sabbato 4 p. Pascha

Saturday, 4th week after Easter

08047000 0 Analyse
Sabbato 5 p. Pascha

Saturday, 5th week after Easter

08057000 0 Analyse
Sabbato Hebd. 1 Adv.

Saturday, 1st week, Advent

01017000 2 Analyse
Sabbato Hebd. 2 Adv.

Saturday, 2nd week, Advent

01027000 3 Analyse
Sabbato Hebd. 3 Adv.

Saturday, 3rd week, Advent

01037000 3 Analyse
Sabbato Hebd. 4 Adv.

Saturday, 4th week, Advent

01047000 6 Analyse
Sabbato in Albis

Easter Saturday (Saturday after Easter)

08017000 30 Analyse
Sabbato in estate

Saturdays in summer

10007000 2 Analyse
Sabbato Pent.

Pentecost Saturday

08087000 34 Analyse
Sabbato per annum

Saturdays, Ferial Office

04007000 113 Analyse
Sabbato post Cineres

Saturday after Ash Wednesday

06037000 10 Analyse
Sabbato Q.T. Adventus

Ember Day, Advent (Saturday)

01037009 64 Analyse
Sabbato Q.T. Pent.

Ember Day, Pentecost (Saturday)

08087009 0 Analyse
Sabbato Q.T. Sept.

Ember Day, September (Saturday)

11090709 18 Analyse
Sabbato Sancto

Holy Saturday

07067000 223 Analyse
Sabbato TP

Saturdays, Eastertide

08007000 1 Analyse

Sabina, Martyr

Aug.29 14082910 10 Analyse

Sabinus, Bishop of Piacenza

Jan.17 14011710 34 Analyse
Sacrarum Reliquiarum. Die 5 Novembris
0 Analyse
Sacratissimae Sindonis D. N. J. C. Feria VI post Dom. II Quadragesimae
2 Analyse
Sacratissimi Cordis Jesu
16 Analyse

Salvius, Bishop of Albi

Sep.10 14091020 1 Analyse

Samson, Bishop of Dol

Jul.28 14072810 1 Analyse
Sanctissimi Nominis Mariae
Sep.12 0 Analyse
Sanctissimi Redemptoris. Die 23 Octobris
6 Analyse
Sanctorum Angelorum Custodum
Oct.2 2 Analyse

Saturninus, Martyr Bishop of Toulouse

Nov.29 14112900 60 Analyse
Savinianus, Potentianus

Savinianus, Potentianus, Sociorum Martyrum

0 Analyse

Scholastica, Virgin

Feb.10 14021000 60 Analyse
Sept. Dorm. Eph.

Seven Sleepers of Ephesus

Jul.27 14072710 1 Analyse
Septem Dolorum BMV

The Seven Sorrows of Mary

Sep.15 14091550 18 Analyse
Septem Fratrum

Seven Brothers, Martyrs

Jul.10 14071000 17 Analyse
Septem Fundatorum Ord. Serv. B. M. V.
Feb.12 6 Analyse

Serenus, Confessor

Oct.2 14100210 0 Analyse
Sergii, Bacchi

Sergius and Bacchus, Martyrs

Oct.8 14100820 2 Analyse

Servais (Servatius), Bishop of Tongres

May.13 14051300 76 Analyse
Severi, Epi.

Severus, Bishop

Oct.22 14102200 0 Analyse

Severinus, Monk, Teacher of St. Cloud

Nov.24 14112410 0 Analyse
Severini, Apost.

Severinus, "Apostle" of Noricum

Jan.5 14010530 0 Analyse
Severini, Epi.

Severinus, Confessor and Bishop of Cologne

Oct.23 14102300 8 Analyse

Sigfrid, Bishop of Wexiow and Confessor

Feb.15 14021510 2 Analyse

Sigismund, King of Burgundy, Martyr

May.1 14050140 34 Analyse
Silverii Papae, Martyris
Jun.20 2 Analyse

Silvester I, Pope

Dec.31 14123100 84 Analyse
Silvestri Abbatis
Nov.26 0 Analyse
Simeonis Episcopi, Martyris
Feb.18 0 Analyse
Simeonis Stylitae

Simeon the Stylite

Jan.5 14010500 0 Analyse
Simonis, Judae

Simon, Jude (Thaddeus), Apostles

Oct.28 14102800 69 Analyse

Simpert (Sintbert), Abbot of Murbach and Bishop of Augsburg

Oct.13 14101350 44 Analyse
Simplicii et sociorum

Simplicius and companions, Martyrs

Jul.29 14072920 43 Analyse
Sixti et sociorum

Sixtus and companions, Martyrs

Aug.6 14080610 63 Analyse
Sophiae viduae

Sophia, widow

Jan.16 14011620 0 Analyse
Soteris et Caii Pontif., Martyrum
Apr.22 0 Analyse

Speusippus and Meleusippus, Martyrs

Jan.17 14011720 0 Analyse
Spinea Corona D. N. J. C. Feria VI post Cineres
12 Analyse
Ss. Lanceae et Clavorum D. N. J. C. Feria VI post Dominicam I Quadragesimae
1 Analyse

Stanislaus, Bishop of Krakow

May.7 14050710 19 Analyse
Stanislai Episcopi, Martyris
May.7 2 Analyse
Stanislai Kostkae Confessoris
6 Analyse

Stephen the First Martyr

Dec.26 02122600 476 Analyse
Stephani, Pont.

Stephen I, Pope

Aug.2 14080200 1 Analyse
Stephani, Reg.

Stephen I, King and Apostle of Hungary

Aug.20 14082030 45 Analyse

In week after Stephen

02122608 0 Analyse
Stig. Francisci

The Stigmata of Francis

Sep.17 14091710 9 Analyse
Subventio Martini

Hiding of Martin's relics

May.12 14051220 0 Analyse
Suff. Adalberti

Memorial chants for Adalbert

15042310 0 Analyse
Suff. Afrae

Memorial chants for Afra

15080500 0 Analyse
Suff. Agnetis

Memorial chants for Agnes

15012100 0 Analyse
Suff. Annae

Memorial chants for Anne

15072600 1 Analyse
Suff. Annae TP

Memorial chants for Anne, Eastertide

15072680 1 Analyse
Suff. Apostolorum

Memorial chants for Apostles

15004000 0 Analyse
Suff. Benedicti

Memorial chants for Benedict

15032100 0 Analyse
Suff. Caeciliae

Memorial chants for Cecilia

15112200 0 Analyse
Suff. Confessorum

Memorial chants for Confessors

15005000 2 Analyse
Suff. Corporis Christi

Memorial chants for Corpus Christi

15915000 0 Analyse
Suff. Crucis

Memorial chants for the Holy Cross

15050300 2 Analyse
Suff. Crucis TP

Memorial chants for the Holy Cross, Eastertide

15050380 4 Analyse
Suff. David

Memorial chants for David

15030100 2 Analyse
Suff. Exalt. Crucis

Memorial chants for the Exaltation of the Cross

15091400 2 Analyse
Suff. Francisci

Memorial chants for Francis

15100400 0 Analyse
Suff. Genovefae

Memorial chants for Genevieve

15010300 1 Analyse
Suff. Georgii

Memorial chants for George

15042300 0 Analyse
Suff. Hermagorae

Memorial chants for Hermagoras

15071200 2 Analyse
Suff. Jo. Bapt. Adv.

Memorial chants for John the Baptist, Advent

15062410 0 Analyse
Suff. Jo. Bapt. Nat.

Memorial chants for John the Baptist, Christmas

15062430 0 Analyse
Suff. Jo. Bapt. TP

Memorial chants for John the Baptist, Eastertide

15062480 0 Analyse
Suff. Joannis Bapt.

Memorial chants for John the Baptist

15062400 0 Analyse
Suff. Joannis Evang.

Memorial chants for John the Evangelist

15122700 0 Analyse
Suff. Justinae

Memorial chants for Justina

15092600 2 Analyse
Suff. Justinae TP

Memorial chants for Justina, Eastertide

15092680 0 Analyse
Suff. Lamberti

Memorial chants for Lambert

15091700 0 Analyse
Suff. Laurentii

Memorial chants for Laurence

15081000 0 Analyse
Suff. Ludgeri

Memorial chants for Ludger

15032600 0 Analyse
Suff. Ludmilae

Memorial chants for Ludmila

15091630 0 Analyse
Suff. Marcelli Par.

Memorial chants for Marcellus of Paris

15110300 0 Analyse
Suff. Mariae

Memorial chants for Mary

15081500 24 Analyse
Suff. Mariae Adv.

Memorial chants for Mary, Advent

15081510 8 Analyse
Suff. Mariae Mag.

Memorial chants for Mary Magdalene

15072200 0 Analyse
Suff. Mariae Nat.

Memorial chants for Mary, Christmas

15081530 6 Analyse
Suff. Mariae TP

Memorial chants for Mary, Eastertide

15081580 7 Analyse
Suff. Martini

Memorial chants for Martin of Tours

15111100 6 Analyse
Suff. Martyrorum

Memorial chants for Martyrs

15007000 0 Analyse
Suff. Mauritii

Memorial chants for Maurice

15092200 1 Analyse
Suff. Michaelis

Memorial chants for Michael

15092900 0 Analyse
Suff. Nicolai

Memorial chants for Nicholas

15120600 0 Analyse
Suff. Om. Sanct. Adv

Memorial chants for All Saints, Advent

15110110 2 Analyse
Suff. Om. Sanct. Nat

Memorial chants for All Saints, Christmas

15110130 0 Analyse
Suff. Om. Sanct. TP

Memorial chants for All Saints, Eastertide

15110180 5 Analyse
Suff. Om. Sanctorum

Memorial chants for All Saints

15110100 4 Analyse
Suff. Ordinis Carmelitarum

Suffrages for the Order of Carmelites

12017000 1 Analyse
Suff. Oswaldi,Wulst.

Memorial chants for Oswald (Feb.28) and Wulfstan (Jan.19), Bishops of Worcester

15022800 0 Analyse
Suff. Paschae

Memorial chants for Easter

15811000 0 Analyse
Suff. Pauli

Memorial chants for Paul

15063000 0 Analyse
Suff. Perpetuae, Felicit.

Memorial Chants for Perpetua and Felicity

15030600 0 Analyse
Suff. Petri

Memorial chants for Peter

15062910 0 Analyse
Suff. Petri, Pauli

Memorial chants for Peter and Paul

15062900 0 Analyse
Suff. pro Pace

Memorial chants for peace

15001000 1 Analyse
Suff. pro Pace TP

Memorial chants for peace, Eastertide

15001080 1 Analyse
Suff. pro paenitente

Memorial chants for penitence

15003000 1 Analyse
Suff. Reliquiarum

Memorial chants for Relics

15120400 0 Analyse
Suff. S. Mariae
1 Analyse
Suff. Stephani

Memorial chants for Stephen

15122600 2 Analyse
Suff. Thomae Apost.

Memorial Chants for Thomas the Apostle

15122100 0 Analyse
Suff. Udalrici

Memorial chants for Ulric

15070400 1 Analyse
Suff. un. Mart. TP

Memorial chants for one Martyr, Eastertide

15006080 0 Analyse
Suff. unius Conf.

Memorial chants for one Confessor

15005100 0 Analyse
Suff. unius Mart.

Memorial chants for one Martyr

15006000 0 Analyse
Suff. Vedasti

Memorial chants for Vaast

15020600 0 Analyse
Suff. Virginum

Memorial chants for Virgins

15010000 0 Analyse
Suff. Walburgae

Memorial chants for Walburga

15022500 1 Analyse
Suff. Wenceslai

Memorial chants for Wenceslas

15092800 0 Analyse
Sulpicii Severi

Sulpicius Severus, Bishop of Bourges

Jan.29 14012910 0 Analyse
Sulpitii, Serviliani

Sulpitius (Sulpitianus, Simplicius) and Servilianus, Martyrs

Apr.20 14042000 0 Analyse
Suscept. Reliquiarum

Feast of Relics (Notre Dame, Paris)

Dec.4 14120410 0 Analyse

Swithun, Bishop of Winchester

Jul.15 14071520 0 Analyse

Symphorian (and Timothy), Martyrs

Aug.22 14082200 28 Analyse
Symphorosae cum septem Filiis Mart.
Jul.18 0 Analyse


Dec.9 14120900 50 Analyse

Taurinus, Bishop of Evreux

Aug.11 14081130 0 Analyse
Teresiae Avilensis

Teresa (Teresia), Virgin, reformer of the Carmelite Order and ascetical write (canonized in 1622)

Oct.15 14101500 0 Analyse
Teresiae Virginis
Oct.15 2 Analyse

Tertullinus, Martyr

Aug.4 14080400 0 Analyse

Thecla of Iconium, Virgin Martyr

Sep.23 14092300 0 Analyse

Martyr, Bishop of Maestricht

Sep.10 14091010 0 Analyse
Theodori Tiro

Theodore Tiro, Martyr

Nov.9 14110910 5 Analyse
Theresiae a Jesu Infante Virginis
Oct.3 11 Analyse
Thomae Apost.

Thomas, Apostle

Dec.21 14122100 120 Analyse
Thomae Cant.

Thomas Becket, Bishop of Canterbury

Dec.29 14122900 92 Analyse
Thomae Cant.,8

In week after Thomas Becket

14122908 0 Analyse
Thomae de Aquino Confessoris et Ecclesiae Doctoris
Mar.7 44 Analyse
Thomae de Villanova Episcopi et Confessoris
Sep.22 0 Analyse
Tiburtii, Susannae

Tiburtius and Susanna, Martyrs

Aug.11 14081100 6 Analyse
Tiburtii, Valeriani

Tiburtius, Valerian and Maximus, Martyrs

Apr.14 14041400 8 Analyse

Timothy, Disciple of Paul, Bishop

Jan.24 14012400 2 Analyse
Timothei, Apollinaris

Timothy and Apollinaris, Martyrs

Aug.23 14082300 0 Analyse
Titi Episcopi, Confessoris
Feb.6 0 Analyse
Tr. Christophori

Moving of Christopher's relics

?? 17002000 0 Analyse
Tr. Germani, Juliani

Moving of Germanus, Julianus relics

Jul.25 14072520 0 Analyse
Tr. Kunegundis

Moving of Cunegund's relics

Sep.9 14090910 32 Analyse
Tr. Marcelli Paris.

Moving of relics of Marcellus (Paris)

Jul.26 14072600 33 Analyse
Transfiguratio Dom.

Transfiguration of Jesus

Aug.6 14080600 266 Analyse
Transl. Adalberti

Moving of Adalbert (of Prague)'s relics

Nov.6 14110620 36 Analyse
Transl. Aichardi

Moving of Aichardus's relics

Jun.17 14061700 0 Analyse
Transl. Augustini

Moving of Augustine's relics

Oct.11 14101120 1 Analyse
Transl. Baboleni

Moving of Babolenus' relics

Dec.7 14120720 5 Analyse
Transl. Bartholomaei

Moving of Bartholomew's relics to Lipari

Feb.13 14021320 9 Analyse
Transl. Benedicti

Moving of Benedict's relics

Jul.11 14071100 33 Analyse
Transl. Benedicti,8

In week after Benedict's Translation

14071108 0 Analyse
Transl. Candidi

Moving of Candidus's relics (Martyr, at Innichen)

Aug.24 14082420 0 Analyse
Transl. Clarae

The moving of Clare's relics

Oct.3 14100340 0 Analyse
Transl. Cuthberti

Moving of Cuthbert's relics

Sep.4 14090410 0 Analyse
Transl. Dominici

Moving of Dominic's relics

May.24 14052400 12 Analyse
Transl. Edithae

Moving of relics of Edith of Wilton

Nov.3 14110350 0 Analyse
Transl. Egwini

Moving of Egwin's relics

Sep.8 14090810 0 Analyse
Transl. Eligii

Moving of Eligius's relics

Jun.25 14062500 0 Analyse
Transl. Eustachii

Moving of relics of Eustachius (Eustasius, Eustace), Martyr

Nov.3 14110340 109 Analyse
Transl. Francisci

The moving of Francis's relics

May.25 14052530 3 Analyse
Transl. Gerardi

Moving of Gerard Sagredo's relics

Feb.24 14022410 0 Analyse
Transl. Gudulae

Moving of Gudula's relics

Jul.6 14070620 2 Analyse
Transl. Hadulfi

Moving of Hadulf's relics

Aug.31 14083100 6 Analyse
Transl. Hugonis

Moving of Hugo's relics

Jan.19 14011910 0 Analyse
Transl. Jacobi

Translation of James the Greater

Dec.30 14123020 2 Analyse
Transl. Januarii

Moving of Januarius of Benevento's relics

Oct.23 14102310 0 Analyse
Transl. Justae

Moving of Justa's relics

Jul.9 14070910 1 Analyse
Transl. Justinae

Moving of Justina's relics

Aug.17 14081710 0 Analyse
Transl. Karoli Magni

Moving of Charlemagne's relics

Jul.27 14072720 0 Analyse
Transl. Lamberti

Moving of Lambert's relics

Apr.28 14042820 54 Analyse
Transl. Lebuini

Moving of Liafwin's relics

Jun.25 14062510 23 Analyse
Transl. Ludgeri

Moving of Ludger's relics

Oct.3 14100320 0 Analyse
Transl. Ludmilae

Moving of Ludmila's relics

Nov.10 14111020 0 Analyse