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Vig. Assump. Mariae

Eve of Assumption of Mary

Aug.14 14081410 29 Analyse
Vig. Joannis Bapt.

Eve of John the Baptist

Jun.23 14062300 8 Analyse
Vig. Kiliani et Soc.

Vigil of Kilian and Companions, Martyrs

Jul.7 14070730 0 Analyse
Vig. Om. Sanctorum

Eve of All Saints' Day

Oct.31 14103120 2 Analyse
Vig. Relatio Vedasti

Eve of Return of Vaast's relics

Jul.14 14071410 0 Analyse
Vig. Stephani Reg.

Eve of Stephen I, King and Apostle of Hungary

Aug.19 14081920 0 Analyse
Vigil. Dionysii
2 Analyse
Vigilia Andreae

Eve of Andrew

Nov.29 14112920 6 Analyse
Vigilia Bartholomaei

Eve of Bartholomew

Aug.23 14082320 0 Analyse
Vigilia Epiphaniae

Eve of Epiphany

Jan.5 02010500 3 Analyse
Vigilia Jacobi

Eve of James the Greater, Apostle

Jul.24 14072410 0 Analyse
Vigilia Laurentii

Eve of Laurence

Aug.9 14080910 8 Analyse
Vigilia Martini
4 Analyse
Vigilia Matthaei

Eve of Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist

Sep.20 14092020 0 Analyse
Vigilia Matthiae

Eve of Matthias, Apostle

Feb.23 14022310 0 Analyse
Vigilia Nat. Domini

Christmas Eve

Dec.24 02122400 116 Analyse
Vigilia Nat. Mariae

Eve of Birthday of Mary

Sep.7 14090710 0 Analyse
Vigilia Othmari

Eve of Othmar (Audemar), Abbot

Nov.15 14111540 0 Analyse
Vigilia Pentecostes

Eve of Pentecost

08077000 10 Analyse
Vigilia Petri

Eve of Peter

Jun.28 14062820 5 Analyse
Vigilia Petri, Pauli

Eve of Peter and Paul

Jun.28 14062810 6 Analyse
Vigilia Philippi, Jacobi

Eve of Philip and James

Apr.30 14043030 0 Analyse
Vigilia Simonis, Judae

Eve of Simon and Jude

Oct.27 14102700 2 Analyse
Vigilia Thomae Apost.

Eve of Thomas the Apostle

Dec.20 14122200 0 Analyse

Vigilius, Martyr, Bishop of Trent

Jun.26 14062620 0 Analyse

Vigor, Bishop of Bayeux

Nov.1 14110120 0 Analyse

Vincent of Saragossa, Martyr

Jan.22 14012200 109 Analyse
Vincentii a Paulo Confessoris
Jul.19 10 Analyse
Vincentii Ferrerii Confessoris
Apr.5 0 Analyse
Vincentii, Anastasii
Jan.22 0 Analyse

In week after Vincent

14012208 0 Analyse
Vincula Petri

Peter in Chains

Aug.1 14080100 70 Analyse
Vincula Petri,8

In week after Peter in Chains

14080108 0 Analyse

Vindician, Bishop of Cambrai

Mar.11 14031100 0 Analyse

Winnoc (Vinocus), Abbot

Nov.6 14110600 0 Analyse
Visitatio Mariae

Visitation of Mary

Jul.2 14070200 287 Analyse
Visitatio Mariae,8

In week after Visitation of Mary

14070208 7 Analyse
Vitalis Agricolae Mart.
Nov.4 0 Analyse
Vitalis, Valeriae

Vitalis and Valeria, Martyrs

Apr.28 14042800 4 Analyse
Viti et Sociorum

Vitus, Modestus and Crescentia, Martyrs

Jun.15 14061500 164 Analyse
Viti, Modesti

Vitus, Modestus and Crescentia, Martyrs

Jun.15 14061510 0 Analyse

In week after Vitus

14061508 0 Analyse

Vitonus (Vanne), Bishop of Verdun

Nov.9 14110920 0 Analyse

Vulmar, Abbot

Jul.20 14072000 0 Analyse

Walburga, Virgin Abbess

Feb.25 14022500 67 Analyse

Waldetrudis (Waudru), Widow

Apr.9 14040900 0 Analyse

Wandregisilus, Abbot of Fontenelle

Jul.22 14072220 0 Analyse

Guenael, Abbot of Landevennec

Nov.3 14110320 0 Analyse

Wenceslas of Bohemia, Martyr

Sep.28 14092800 61 Analyse

In week after Wenceslas

14092808 0 Analyse

Wiborada, Virgin Martyr

May.2 14050220 37 Analyse

Wigbert, Confessor, Abbot of Fritzlar

Aug.13 14081320 31 Analyse

Wilfrid, Archbishop of York

Oct.12 14101230 0 Analyse

William, Archbishop of Bourges

Jan.10 14011000 0 Analyse

Willibald, Bishop

Jul.7 14070700 60 Analyse

Willibrord, Bishop of Utrecht

Nov.7 14110700 36 Analyse

Wiro, 'Apostle' of southern Netherlands

May.8 14050840 0 Analyse

Wolfgangus, Bishop of Regensburg

Oct.31 14103130 1 Analyse

Wulsin, Bishop of Sherborne

Jan.8 14010800 0 Analyse

Wulfstan, Bishop of Worcester

Jan.19 14011920 48 Analyse

In week after Wulfstan

14011928 2 Analyse

Wunnibald, Abbot; Brother of Willibald and Walburga

Dec.18 14121820 40 Analyse
XI milium Virginum

11,000 Virgin Martyrs of Cologne

Oct.21 14102100 284 Analyse
34 Analyse

Zenobius, Bishop of Florence

May.25 14052500 8 Analyse

Zeno, Martyr, Bishop of Verona

Apr.12 14041200 32 Analyse
Zephyrini Pape Martyris
Aug.26 0 Analyse
Zoerardi, Benedicti

Zoerard (Andrew) and Benedict, Martyrs

Jul.16 14071600 33 Analyse