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Marcelli Parisien.,8

In week after Marcellus of Paris

14110318 0 Analyse
Marcelli Parisiensis

Marcellus, Bishop of Paris

Nov.3 14110310 0 Analyse
Marcelli, Apuleii

Marcellus and Apulejus, Martyrs

Oct.7 14100710 0 Analyse
Marcelli, Pont.

Marcellus I, Pope and Martyr

Jan.16 14011600 6 Analyse
Marcellini, Petri

Marcellinus and Peter, Martyrs

Jun.2 14060200 15 Analyse

Mark, Evangelist

Apr.25 14042500 43 Analyse
Marci, Marcellini

Mark and Marcellian, Martyrs

Jun.18 14061800 5 Analyse
Marci, Pont.

Mark, Pope

Oct.7 14100700 0 Analyse

Margaret (Marina), Virgin Martyr

Jul.20 14072010 144 Analyse
Margaritae Mariae Alacoque Virg.
Oct.17 11 Analyse
Margaritae Reginae Scotiae, Viduae
Jun.10 0 Analyse
Mariae ad Nives

Mary of the Snows

Aug.5 14080520 147 Analyse
Mariae Aegyptiacae

Mary the Egyptian, Penitent

Apr.2 14040200 44 Analyse
Mariae Mag.,8

In week after Mary Magdalene

14072208 0 Analyse
Mariae Magdalenae

Mary Magdalene

Jul.22 14072200 506 Analyse
Mariae Magdalenae de Pazzis Virg.
May.29 0 Analyse
Marii, Marthae

Marius, Martha, et al., Martyrs

Jan.19 14011900 10 Analyse

Marina, Virgin

Jul.17 14071720 39 Analyse

Martha, Virgin

Jul.29 14072930 108 Analyse
Martialis, Apost.

Martial, "Apostle" of Limoges

Jul.8 14070800 9 Analyse
Martialis, Epi.

Martial, Bishop of Limoges

Jun.30 14063010 46 Analyse
Martinae Virginis et Martyris
Jan.30 3 Analyse

Martin, Bishop of Tours

Nov.11 14111100 237 Analyse
Martini I Papae Martyris
Nov.12 0 Analyse

In week after Martin

14111108 11 Analyse
Martinus Dumiensis archiepiscopi bracharensis
Mar.20 6 Analyse
Martyrum sive Confessorum TP

Common of Martyrs or Confessors, Eastertide

12802300 9 Analyse

Maternus, Bishop of Cologne

Sep.19 14091910 47 Analyse
Maternitatis B. M. V.
Oct.11 5 Analyse

Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist

Sep.21 14092100 38 Analyse

In week after Matthew

14092108 0 Analyse

Matthias, Apostle

Feb.24 14022400 23 Analyse

Maturin, Priest of Larchant (Sens)

Nov.9 14110930 0 Analyse

Maurus, Abbot

Jan.15 14011510 127 Analyse

In week after Maurus

14011518 2 Analyse

Maurilius, Bishop of Angers

Sep.13 14091300 1 Analyse

Maurice and Companions, Martyrs

Sep.22 14092200 171 Analyse

Maxellendis, Virgin Martyr

Nov.13 14111320 32 Analyse

Maximilian, Bishop of Lorch

Oct.12 14101220 0 Analyse

Maximinus, Bishop of Trier

May.29 14052900 1 Analyse

Medard, Bishop of Vermandois

Jun.8 14060800 57 Analyse

Medericus (Merry), Abbot

Aug.29 14082920 0 Analyse

Meinrad, Hermit of Einsiedeln

Jan.21 14012110 46 Analyse
Melchiadis Papae et Martyris
Dec.10 0 Analyse

Melorus (Melar, Mylor), Martyr

Oct.1 14100120 0 Analyse

Mennas, Martyr

Nov.11 14111110 1 Analyse
19 Analyse

Michael the Archangel (Michaelmas)

Sep.29 14092900 305 Analyse

Milburga, Abbess of Wenlock

Feb.23 14022300 0 Analyse

Mildred, Abbess of Minster-in-Thanet

Jul.13 14071310 0 Analyse

Minias, Martyr

Oct.25 14102510 43 Analyse
Mirac. Genovefae

Commemoration of Genevieve's Miracle

Nov.26 14112610 2 Analyse
Missa ad postulandum gratiam bene moriendi
1 Analyse
Missa de Sancta Maria in Sabbato. A Nativ. Domini usque ad Purificationem
1 Analyse
Missa de Sancta Maria in Sabbato. A Pascha usque ad Pentecosten
0 Analyse
Missa de Sancta Maria in Sabbato. Ab Adventu usque ad Nativitatem Domini
0 Analyse
Missa pro Ecclesiae defensione
4 Analyse
Missa pro Fidei Propagatione
11 Analyse
Missa pro infirmis
5 Analyse
Missa pro pace
7 Analyse
Missa pro peregrinantibus
2 Analyse
Missa pro quacumque necessitate
2 Analyse
Missa pro unitate Ecclesiae
4 Analyse
Missa pro vitanda mortalitate
4 Analyse
Missa votiva de omnibus SS. Apostolis
1 Analyse
Missa Votiva pro eligendo Summo Pontifice
7 Analyse
Missa votiva pro remissione peccatorum
2 Analyse
Missa Votiva pro Sponso et Sponsa
12 Analyse
Missa Votiva. Feria II. Missa de Sanctissima Trinitate
4 Analyse
Missa Votiva. Feria III. Missa de Angelis
7 Analyse
Missa Votiva. Feria IV. Missa de S. Joseph
3 Analyse
Missa Votiva. Feria V. Missa de D. N. Jesu Christo summo et aeterno Sacerdote
10 Analyse
Missa Votiva. Feria V. Missa de Ss. Euchar. Sacramento
3 Analyse
Missa Votiva. Feria VI. Missa de Passione D. N. J. C.
2 Analyse
Missa Votiva. Feria VI. Missa de Passione Domini
12 Analyse
Missa Votiva. Feria VI. Missa de Sacratissimo Corde Jesu
5 Analyse

Modestus, Martyr

Feb.12 14021210 37 Analyse

Monica, Mother of Augustine

May.4 14050440 35 Analyse
Monicae Viduae
May.4 0 Analyse
Mustiolae, Irenaei

Mustiola and Irenaeus, Martyrs

Jul.3 14070310 1 Analyse
Narboris et Felicis Mart.
Jul.12 0 Analyse

Narcissus, Bishop of Gerona, Spain, and Apostle of Augsburg (Bavaria)

Oct.29 14102900 0 Analyse
Nat. Innocentium

Holy Innocents

Dec.28 02122800 260 Analyse
Nat. Innocentium,8

In week after Holy Innocents

02122808 0 Analyse
Nativitas Domini

Christmas Day

Dec.25 02122500 461 Analyse
Nativitas Domini,8

In week after Christmas

02122508 22 Analyse
Nativitas Mariae

Birthday of Mary

Sep.8 14090800 321 Analyse
Nativitas Mariae,8

In week after Birthday of Mary

14090808 26 Analyse
7 Analyse
Nazarii, Celsi

Nazarius and Celsus, Martyrs

Jul.28 14072800 10 Analyse
Nerei, Achillei

Nereus and Achilleus, Roman Martyrs

May.12 14051240 0 Analyse

Nicasius, Bishop Martyr of Reims

Dec.14 14121400 37 Analyse
Nicasii et Soc.

Nicasius of Rouen, alleged Bishop of Rouen

Oct.11 14101130 0 Analyse

Nicholas of Bari, Bishop of Myra

Dec.6 14120600 136 Analyse
Nicolai a Tolentino Confessoris
Sep.10 0 Analyse
Nicolai de Flue. Die 25 Septembris
10 Analyse

In week after Nicholas

14120608 0 Analyse

Nicomedes, Martyr

Sep.15 14091530 3 Analyse
Nicomedis, Valeriani

Nicomedes and Valerianus, Martyrs

Sep.15 14091540 0 Analyse
Nominis Jesu

The Holy Name of Jesus

Jan.14 14011430 8 Analyse
Norberti Episcopi, Confessoris
Jun.6 0 Analyse
Oct. Adalberti

Octave of Adalbert

Apr.30 14043020 1 Analyse
Oct. Apost, Die 3

The third day after the Octave of Peter and Paul

Jul.8 14070820 0 Analyse
Oct. Apostolorum,8

In week after Octave of Peter and Paul

14070608 0 Analyse
Oct. Ascens. Domini

Octave of Ascension

08075000 0 Analyse
Oct. Corporis Christi

Octave of Corpus Christi

09025000 2 Analyse
Oct. Dedicatione Ecclesiae

Octave of Dedication of Church

12008100 0 Analyse
Oct. Joannis Evang.

Octave of John the Evangelist

Jan.3 02010300 3 Analyse
Oct. Justinae, Cypr.

Octave of Justina and Cyprian

Oct.3 14100300 0 Analyse
Oct. Marcel. Paris.

Octave of Marcellus, Bishop of Paris

Nov.10 14111000 0 Analyse
Oct. Nat. Innocent.

Octave of Holy Innocents

Jan.4 02010400 0 Analyse
Oct. Om. Sanctorum

Octave of All Saints' Day

Nov.8 14110810 0 Analyse
Oct. Petri, Pauli
0 Analyse
Oct. Philippi,Jacobi

Octave of Philip and James, Apostles

May.8 14050830 0 Analyse
Oct. Wenceslai

Octave of Wenceslas

Oct.5 14100520 0 Analyse
Oct.Visitatio Mariae

Octave of Visitation of Mary

Jul.9 14070900 0 Analyse
Octava Afrae

Octave of Afra

Aug.12 14081220 1 Analyse
Octava Agapiti

Octave of Agapitus

Aug.25 14082520 0 Analyse
Octava Agnetis

Octave of Agnes

Jan.28 14012800 2 Analyse
Octava Amandi

Octave of Amand

Feb.13 14021310 43 Analyse
Octava Andreae

Octave of Andrew

Dec.7 14120710 1 Analyse
Octava Apostolorum

Octave of Peter and Paul

Jul.6 14070600 21 Analyse
Octava Assumptionis

Octave of Assumption of Mary

Aug.22 14082210 1 Analyse
Octava Augustini

Octave of Augustine

Sep.4 14090400 1 Analyse
Octava Bartholomaei

Octave of Bartholomew

Aug.31 14083130 0 Analyse
Octava Blasii

Octave of Blaise

Feb.10 14021010 1 Analyse
Octava Concep.Mariae

Octave of the Conception of Mary

Dec.15 14121500 0 Analyse
Octava Cyrici

Octave of Cyricus

Jun.23 14062310 16 Analyse
Octava de Trinitate

Octave of Trinity Sunday

09021020 2 Analyse
Octava Dionysii

Octave of Denis, Bishop of Paris

Oct.16 14101610 17 Analyse
Octava Edithae

Octave of Edith of Wilton

Sep.23 14092310 0 Analyse
Octava Epiphaniae

Octave of Epiphany

Jan.13 05011300 77 Analyse
Octava Floriani

Octave of Florian

May.11 14051120 0 Analyse
Octava Galli

Octave of Gall, Hermit

Oct.23 14102320 0 Analyse
Octava Gaugerici

Octave of Gaugericus

Aug.18 14081810 0 Analyse
Octava Georgii

Octave of George

Apr.30 14043000 0 Analyse
Octava Jacobi

Octave of James the Greater

Aug.1 14080110 0 Analyse
Octava Joannis Bapt.

Octave of John the Baptist

Jul.1 14070100 4 Analyse
Octava Lamberti

Octave of Lambert

Sep.24 14092410 1 Analyse
Octava Laurentii

Octave of Laurence

Aug.17 14081700 3 Analyse
Octava Ludgeri

Octave of Ludger

Apr.2 14040210 0 Analyse
Octava Mariae Mag.

Octave of Mary Magdalene

Jul.29 14072910 1 Analyse
Octava Martialis

Octave of Martial

Jul.6 14070630 27 Analyse
Octava Martini

Octave of Martin

Nov.18 14111800 5 Analyse
Octava Nat. Domini

Octave of Christmas

Jan.1 02010100 75 Analyse
Octava Nat. Domini,8

In week after Octave of Christmas

02010108 3 Analyse
Octava Nat. Mariae

Octave of Birthday of Mary

Sep.15 14091510 0 Analyse
Octava Nicolai

Octave of Nicholas

Dec.13 14121320 0 Analyse
Octava Paschae

Octave of Easter (also "Dominica in Albis")

08021000 103 Analyse
Octava Paschae,8

In 2nd week after Easter

08021008 3 Analyse
Octava Pentecostes

Octave of Pentecost

08091000 2 Analyse
Octava Rel. Vedasti

Octave of Return of Vaast's relics

Jul.22 14072210 1 Analyse
Octava Saturnini

Octave of Saturninus

Dec.6 14120610 16 Analyse
Octava Servatii

Octave of Servatius

May.20 14052000 0 Analyse
Octava Stephani

Octave of Stephen

Jan.2 02010200 6 Analyse
Octava Thomae Cant.

Octave of Thomas Becket, Bishop of Canterbury

Jan.5 14010510 4 Analyse
Octava Tr. Benedicti

Octave of Benedict's Translation

Jul.18 14071800 0 Analyse
Octava Tr. Vedasti

Octave of Vaast's Translation

Oct.12 14101210 0 Analyse
Octava Udalrici

Octave of Ulric

Jul.11 14071110 0 Analyse
Octava Vedasti

Octave of Vaast

Feb.13 14021300 19 Analyse
Octava Viti

Octave of Vitus

Jun.22 14062230 0 Analyse

Odilia (Ottilia), Abbess

Dec.13 14121340 0 Analyse
Officia votiva

Votive Offices

15009000 0 Analyse

Olaf of Norway, King and Martyr

Jul.29 14072940 2 Analyse
Omnium Sanctorum

All Saints' Day

Nov.1 14110100 266 Analyse
Omnium Sanctorum,8

In week after All Saints' Day

14110108 7 Analyse

Opilius, Deacon

Oct.12 14101200 0 Analyse

Opportuna, Virgin and Abbess

Apr.22 14042210 0 Analyse
Orationis Domini Nostri Jesu Christi
9 Analyse
Ordin. Gregorii

Ordination of Gregory

Sep.3 14090310 0 Analyse
Ordin. Gregorii,8

In week after Gregory's Ordination

14090318 0 Analyse
Ordinatio Amandi

Ordination of Amandus (Amand)

Oct.26 14102600 0 Analyse
Ordinatio Oswaldi

Ordination of Oswald

Jun.1 14060100 0 Analyse
Ordinatio Zenonis

Ordination of Zeno, Bishop of Verona

Dec.8 14120820 0 Analyse

Orientius (Orens), Bishop

May.1 14050120 32 Analyse
Oswaldi, Epi.

Oswald, Bishop of Worcester

Feb.28 14022800 49 Analyse
Oswaldi, Reg.

Oswald, King of Northumbria

Aug.5 14080510 50 Analyse

Othmar (Audemar), Abbot

Nov.16 14111600 55 Analyse
Pancratii et Socii

Pancratius (Pancras) and Companions, Martyrs

May.12 14051210 18 Analyse

Pantaleon (Panteleimon), Martyr

Jul.27 14072700 24 Analyse
Pascha Annotinum

Memorial of past year's Easter

08020100 2 Analyse
Paschalis Babylon Confessoris
May.17 0 Analyse
Passio Laurentiae

Passion of Laurentia

Aug.16 14081630 0 Analyse

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Oct.9 14100930 3 Analyse
Patritii Episcopi, Confessoris
Mar.17 0 Analyse

Paula, Widow

Jan.26 14012610 38 Analyse

Paul, Apostle

Jun.30 14063000 165 Analyse
Pauli a Cruce Confessoris
Apr.28 12 Analyse
Pauli Heremitae

Paul the Hermit

Jan.10 14011010 1 Analyse

In week after Paul (Apostle)

14063008 3 Analyse

Paulinus, Bishop of Trier

Aug.31 14083110 0 Analyse
Paulini Ebor.

Paulinus, Archbishop of York

Oct.10 14101010 0 Analyse
Paulini Ebor.,8

In week after Paulinus of York

14101018 0 Analyse
Paulini Nolansis

Paulinus, Bishop of Nola

Jun.22 14062200 0 Analyse

Pelagius, Martyr

Aug.28 14082840 0 Analyse
Perpetuae, Felicit.

Perpetua and Felicity, Martyrs

Mar.6 14030600 0 Analyse

Perpetuus, Bishop of Tours

Dec.30 14123010 0 Analyse

Peter, Apostle

Jun.29 14062910 94 Analyse
Petri Alcantarae

Peter of Alcantara, Founder

Oct.19 14101920 14 Analyse
Petri Alexandrini Ep. Mart.
Nov.26 0 Analyse