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Feast: Ad Nunc Dimittis

Chants for this feast are included in 3 sources.
Siglumsort descendingTotal chantsDistinct chantsAntiphonsResponsoriesAverage concordancesLink
CH-SGs 38811100Analyse
E-Tc 44.211100Analyse
I-VCd LXXIX44400Analyse

Liturgical positionsChants in sources -
Feast: Ad Nunc Dimittis


206016: Simon dormis non | CH-SGs 388
005419: Vigilate et orate | E-Tc 44.2

C A 1N

004206: Pacem tuam quaesumus | I-VCd LXXIX

C A 2N

002742: Evigila super nos | I-VCd LXXIX

C A 3N

002980: Gregem tuum domine | I-VCd LXXIX

C A 4N

204361: Salva nos domine | I-VCd LXXIX