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Concordances in the Cantus Index network

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Cantus Database
67 chant(s)
Cantus Planus in Slovacia
1 chant(s)
Medieval Music Manuscripts Online
4 chant(s)
D-MZb D204rMiles Christi*VRComm. unius Martyris*CD
D-MZb D209vMiles Christi gloriose N.MR3.3Comm. unius Martyris?CD
F-CA 38397rMiles Christi gloriose N. sanctissime MR11Comm. unius Confessoris3CD
F-Pa : Ms 0135022rMiles Christi *RSilvestriImageMMMO
F-Pn : Lat. 17296252vMiles Christi gloriose Eugenio sanctissime tuo REugenii1ImageMMMO
F-Pn : Lat. 904138rMiles Christi gloriose Vincent sanctissime tuo RFer. 3 in LetaniisImageMMMO
F-Pn : Lat. 904140vMiles Christi *RFer. 4 in LetaniisImageMMMO
F-Pn Lat. 12044149rMiles Christi*V2RBaboleni3ImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 12044162vMiles Christi*MR3.1Arnulfi Metensis3ImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 12044219vMiles Christi gloriose Eligi sanctissime MR1.4Eligii3ImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 12044225rMiles Christi*V2RTransl. Baboleni3ImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 12044231rMiles Christi*MR15Comm. unius Martyris3ImageCD
F-Pn Lat. 12044237vMiles Christi pretiose Gregori sanctissime MR14Comm. unius Confessoris3ImageCD
F-R 248006vMiles Christi*VRValentini*CD
F-R 248007rMiles Christi*MR1.4Valentini3CD
F-R 248007vMiles Christi glorioseVRValentini3CD
F-R 248023rMiles Christi*MR2.3Hugonis*CD
F-R 248023rMiles Christi*VRHugonis TP*CD
F-R 248023rMiles Christi*MR2.4Hugonis TP*CD
F-R 248090rMiles Christi*MR3.4Aichardi3CD
F-R 248126vMiles Christi*MR3.4Clementis3CD
F-R 248171rMiles Christi*VRValentini3CD
F-R 248171vMiles Christi*MR1.4Valentini3CD
F-SO 596019rMiles christi gloriose*XRValentini*CD
F-SO 596019vMiles Chisti*XRMatthaei*CD
F-SO 596142rMiles Christi*XRFrancisci*CD
F-SO 596143vMiles Christi gloriose Iwi sanctissime XRIwigii3CD
F-SO 596145rMiles Christi*XREdwardi, Conf.*CD
F-SO 596149vMiles Christi*XRLeonardi*CD
F-SO 596150vMiles Christi*XREdmundi Archiepiscopi*CD
GB-AB 20541 E024vMiles Christi*VRSilvestri*CD
GB-AB 20541 E225vMiles Christi*VRTransl. Martini*CD
GB-AB 20541 E292rMiles Christi*VRMartini,8*CD
GB-AB 20541 E315vMiles Christi glorioseMR2.3Comm. unius Confessoris Pontificis3CD
GB-Cu Mm.ii.9455Miles Christi*VRTransl. Martini*CD
GB-Cu Mm.ii.9567Miles Christi*VREdwardi, Conf.*CD
GB-Cu Mm.ii.9597Miles Christi*VRMartini,8*CD
GB-Cu Mm.ii.9650Miles Christi*VRComm. unius Confessoris Pontificis*CD
GB-Cu Mm.ii.9655Miles Christi glorioseMR3.3Comm. unius Confessoris Pontificis4CD
GB-Cu Mm.ii.9658Miles Christi*MR3.3Comm. unius Confessoris Abbatis*CD
GB-WO F.160023vMiles Christi*RRPNativitas Domini*CD
GB-WO F.160101rMiles Christi*XRNat. Innocentium*CD
GB-WO F.160212rMiles Christi*VRPCuthberti*CD
GB-WO F.160231vMiles Christi*VRPTransl. Benedicti*CD
GB-WO F.160232rMiles Christi*VRPBenedicti*CD
GB-WO F.160235vMiles Christi*VRPInventio Stephani*CD
GB-WO F.160238rMiles Christi*VRPOswaldi, Epi.*CD
GB-WO F.160260vMiles Christi glorioseMR7Transl. Oswaldi4CD
GB-WO F.160261rMiles Christi*MR3.3Edwardi, Conf.*CD
GB-WO F.160262rMiles Christi*V2RRomani*CD
GB-WO F.160267vMiles Christi*RRPEdmundi*CD
GB-WO F.160267vMiles Christi*VRPEdmundi*CD
GB-WO F.160267vMiles Christi*V2RPEdmundi*CD
GB-WO F.160 (Facs)047Miles Christi*RRPNativitas Domini*CD
GB-WO F.160 (Facs)292Miles Christi*VRPCuthberti*CD
GB-WO F.160 (Facs)333Miles Christi*VRPTransl. Benedicti*CD
GB-WO F.160 (Facs)334Miles Christi*VRPBenedicti*CD
GB-WO F.160 (Facs)341Miles Christi*VRPInventio Stephani*CD
GB-WO F.160 (Facs)346Miles ChristiVRPOswaldi, Epi.*CD
GB-WO F.160 (Facs)391Miles Christi gloriose Oswalde sanctissime MR7Transl. Oswaldi4CD
GB-WO F.160 (Facs)392Miles Christi*MR3.3Edwardi, Conf.*CD
GB-WO F.160 (Facs)394Miles Christi*V2RRomani*CD
GB-WO F.160 (Facs)405Miles Christi*RRPEdmundi*CD
GB-WO F.160 (Facs)405Miles Christi*VRPEdmundi*CD
GB-WO F.160 (Facs)405Miles Christi*V2RPEdmundi*CD
PL-Kkar 1 (Rkp 12)368Miles Christi*MR3.3Clementis*CD
PL-Kkar 3 (Rkp 15)183rMiles Christi*MR3.3Clementis*CD
PL-Kkar 4 (Rkp 20)059Miles Christi*VRComm. unius Martyris*CD
PL-Kkar 4 (Rkp 20)064Miles Christi gloriose N.MR3.3Comm. unius Martyris3CD
PL-Kkar 4 (Rkp 20)202Miles Christi gloriose*VRComm. unius Martyris*CD
SK-BRsa (Bratislava) Slovenský národný archív - Antiphonary of Bratislava IV193vMiles Christi gloriose Adalberte sanctissime tuo MR3AdalbertiImageCSK
TR-Itks 42173vMiles Christi glorioseMR3Adalberti3CD