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Octava Agnetis

Octave of Agnes

Jan.28 14012800 2 Analyse
Octava Amandi

Octave of Amand

Feb.13 14021310 43 Analyse
Octava Andreae

Octave of Andrew

Dec.7 14120710 1 Analyse
Octava Apostolorum Petri et Pauli

Octave of Peter and Paul

Jul.6 14070600 23 Analyse
Octava Assumptionis

Octave of Assumption of Mary

Aug.22 14082210 1 Analyse
Octava Augustini

Octave of Augustine

Sep.4 14090400 1 Analyse
Octava Bartholomaei

Octave of Bartholomew

Aug.31 14083130 0 Analyse
Octava Blasii

Octave of Blaise

Feb.10 14021010 1 Analyse
Octava Concep.Mariae

Octave of the Conception of Mary

Dec.15 14121500 0 Analyse
Octava Cyrici

Octave of Cyricus

Jun.23 14062310 16 Analyse
Octava de Trinitate

Octave of Trinity Sunday

09021020 2 Analyse
Octava Dionysii

Octave of Denis, Bishop of Paris

Oct.16 14101610 17 Analyse
Octava Edithae

Octave of Edith of Wilton

Sep.23 14092310 0 Analyse
Octava Epiphaniae

Octave of Epiphany

Jan.13 05011300 81 Analyse
Octava Floriani

Octave of Florian

May.11 14051120 0 Analyse
Octava Galli

Octave of Gall, Hermit

Oct.23 14102320 0 Analyse
Octava Gaugerici

Octave of Gaugericus

Aug.18 14081810 0 Analyse
Octava Georgii

Octave of George

Apr.30 14043000 0 Analyse
Octava Jacobi

Octave of James the Greater

Aug.1 14080110 0 Analyse
Octava Joannis Bapt.

Octave of John the Baptist

Jul.1 14070100 4 Analyse
Octava Lamberti

Octave of Lambert

Sep.24 14092410 1 Analyse
Octava Laurentii

Octave of Laurence

Aug.17 14081700 4 Analyse
Octava Ludgeri

Octave of Ludger

Apr.2 14040210 0 Analyse
Octava Mariae Mag.

Octave of Mary Magdalene

Jul.29 14072910 1 Analyse
Octava Martialis

Octave of Martial

Jul.6 14070630 27 Analyse
Octava Martini

Octave of Martin

Nov.18 14111800 5 Analyse
Octava Nat. Domini

Octave of Christmas

Jan.1 02010100 81 Analyse
Octava Nat. Domini,8

In week after Octave of Christmas

02010108 3 Analyse
Octava Nat. Mariae

Octave of Birthday of Mary

Sep.15 14091510 0 Analyse
Octava Nicolai

Octave of Nicholas

Dec.13 14121320 0 Analyse
Octava Paschae

Octave of Easter (also "Dominica in Albis")

08021000 132 Analyse
Octava Paschae,8

In 2nd week after Easter

08021008 4 Analyse
Octava Pentecostes

Octave of Pentecost

08091000 3 Analyse
Octava Rel. Vedasti

Octave of Return of Vaast's relics

Jul.22 14072210 1 Analyse
Octava Saturnini

Octave of Saturninus

Dec.6 14120610 16 Analyse
Octava Servatii

Octave of Servatius

May.20 14052000 0 Analyse
Octava Stephani

Octave of Stephen

Jan.2 02010200 5 Analyse
Octava Thomae Cant.

Octave of Thomas Becket, Bishop of Canterbury

Jan.5 14010510 4 Analyse
Octava Tr. Benedicti

Octave of Benedict's Translation

Jul.18 14071800 0 Analyse
Octava Tr. Vedasti

Octave of Vaast's Translation

Oct.12 14101210 0 Analyse
Octava Udalrici

Octave of Ulric

Jul.11 14071110 0 Analyse
Octava Vedasti

Octave of Vaast

Feb.13 14021300 19 Analyse
Octava Viti

Octave of Vitus

Jun.22 14062230 0 Analyse

Odilia (Ottilia), Abbess

Dec.13 14121340 0 Analyse
Officia votiva

Votive Offices

15009000 1 Analyse

Olaf of Norway, King and Martyr

Jul.29 14072940 3 Analyse
Omnium Sanctorum

All Saints' Day

Nov.1 14110100 343 Analyse
Omnium Sanctorum,8

In week after All Saints' Day

14110108 7 Analyse

Opilius, Deacon

Oct.12 14101200 0 Analyse

Opportuna, Virgin and Abbess

Apr.22 14042210 0 Analyse
Orationis Domini Nostri Jesu Christi
9 Analyse
Ordin. Gregorii

Ordination of Gregory

Sep.3 14090310 0 Analyse
Ordin. Gregorii,8

In week after Gregory's Ordination

14090318 0 Analyse
Ordinatio Amandi

Ordination of Amandus (Amand)

Oct.26 14102600 0 Analyse
Ordinatio Oswaldi

Ordination of Oswald

Jun.1 14060100 0 Analyse
Ordinatio Zenonis

Ordination of Zeno, Bishop of Verona

Dec.8 14120820 0 Analyse
Ordo ad consecrandum novum sepulcrum

Rite for the consecration of a new sepulchre

13005000 0 Analyse
Ordo ad corpus parvuli commendandum

Rite for the commendation of the corpse of a child

13006000 0 Analyse
Ordo ad reconciliandum paenitentes

Rite for reconciling with the penitents

16038020 0 Analyse
Ordo ad visitandum vel perunguendum infirmum

Rite for the visiting or anointing of the sick

16013010 0 Analyse
Ordo celebrandus super eum qui ab spiritu inmundo vexatur

Rite for someone possessed by an evil spirit

16036000 1 Analyse
Ordo de energumeno

Rite for a possessed person

16041000 0 Analyse
Ordo de parvulo defuncto

Rite for a dead child

13010000 0 Analyse
Ordo de patribus et fratribus defunctis

Rite for dead parents and siblings

13012000 0 Analyse
Ordo in commendatione presbyteri

Rite for the commendation of a presbyter

13007000 0 Analyse
Ordo in finem hominis diei

Last rites (including extreme unction)

13004000 0 Analyse
Ordo quando rex cum exercitu ad prelium egreditur

Rite when the king goes out to battle with his army

16040000 0 Analyse
Ordo quando sal ante altare ponitur antequam exorcizetur

Rite when the salt is placed before the altar for its exorcism

16035000 0 Analyse
Ordo super eum qui barbam tangere cupit

Rite for him who desires to anoint his beard

16034000 0 Analyse
Ordo super sepulcrum quando clamore proclamatur

Rite over the sepulchre when the clamor is proclaimed

13008000 0 Analyse
Ordo votivo energumeno id est daemonia sustinens

Votive ordo for a possessed person who is sustained by a demon

16041010 0 Analyse

Orientius (Orens), Bishop

May.1 14050120 32 Analyse
Oswaldi, Epi.

Oswald, Bishop of Worcester

Feb.28 14022800 49 Analyse
Oswaldi, Reg.

Oswald, King of Northumbria

Aug.5 14080510 51 Analyse

Othmar (Audemar), Abbot

Nov.16 14111600 69 Analyse
Pancratii et sociorum

Pancratius (Pancras) and companions, Martyrs

May.12 14051210 19 Analyse

Pantaleon (Panteleimon), Martyr

Jul.27 14072700 41 Analyse
Pascha Annotinum

Memorial of past year's Easter

08020100 2 Analyse
Paschalis Baylon

Pascual Baylón, Confessor

May.17 14051720 3 Analyse
Passio Laurentiae

Passion of Laurentia

Aug.16 14081630 0 Analyse

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Oct.9 14100930 3 Analyse
Patritii Episcopi, Confessoris
Mar.17 0 Analyse

Paula, Widow

Jan.26 14012610 39 Analyse

Paul, Apostle

Jun.30 14063000 200 Analyse
Pauli a Cruce Confessoris
Apr.28 12 Analyse
Pauli Heremitae

Paul the Hermit

Jan.10 14011010 1 Analyse

In week after Paul (Apostle)

14063008 4 Analyse

Paulinus, Bishop of Trier

Aug.31 14083110 0 Analyse
Paulini Ebor.

Paulinus, Archbishop of York

Oct.10 14101010 0 Analyse
Paulini Ebor.,8

In week after Paulinus of York

14101018 0 Analyse
Paulini Nolansis

Paulinus, Bishop of Nola

Jun.22 14062200 0 Analyse

Pelagius, Martyr

Aug.28 14082840 4 Analyse

Perpetuus, Bishop of Tours

Dec.30 14123010 0 Analyse

Peter, Apostle

Jun.29 14062910 187 Analyse
Petri Alcantarae

Peter of Alcantara, Founder

Oct.19 14101920 17 Analyse
Petri Alexandrini Ep. Mart.
Nov.26 0 Analyse
Petri Caelestini Papae, Conf.
May.19 0 Analyse
Petri Canisii Conf. et Eccl. Doct.
Apr.27 0 Analyse
Petri Chrysologi Episc., Conf. Et Ecclesiae Doctoris
Dec.4 1 Analyse
Petri Claver Confessoris
12 Analyse
Petri Damiani Episcopi, Conf., Ecclesiae Doctoris
Feb.23 1 Analyse
Petri de Rates

Peter de Rates, reputed first Bishop of Braga

Apr.26 14042610 13 Analyse
Petri de Tarentasia

Peter II of Tarentaise, Archbishop

May.8 14050820 0 Analyse
Petri Gundisalvi

Peter González, Dominican friar

Apr.14 14041410 0 Analyse
Petri Nolasci Confessoris
Jan.28 0 Analyse
Petri Regalati

Peter Regalado, Franciscan friar

May.13 14051330 0 Analyse
Petri, Mart.

Peter the Martyr, Dominican Friar and Priest

Apr.29 14042900 21 Analyse
Petri, Pauli

Peter and Paul, Apostles

Jun.29 14062900 200 Analyse
Petri, Pauli,8

In week after Peter and Paul

14062908 13 Analyse

In week after Peter (Apostle)

14062918 1 Analyse

Petronilla, Virgin

May.31 14053110 3 Analyse

Philibert, Abbot

Aug.20 14082000 40 Analyse
Philippi Benitii

Philip Benitius (Filippo Benizzi), Confessor

Aug.23 14082310 0 Analyse
Philippi Nerii

Philip Neri, Confessor, Apostle of Rome and founder of the "Oratory"

May.26 14052620 4 Analyse
Philippi, Jacobi

Philip and James the Lesser, Apostles

May.1 14050100 110 Analyse
Philippi, Jacobi,8

In week after Philip and James

14050108 0 Analyse
Photini Episc. et soc.

Photinus (Pothinus), First Bishop of Lyons

Jun.2 14060210 1 Analyse

Piatus of Tournai (Piat de Seclin, Piaton, Platon, Piato), Martyr

Oct.1 14100130 0 Analyse
Pii I Papae, Martyris
Jul.11 0 Analyse
Pii V Papae, Confessoris
May.5 0 Analyse
Pii X Papae et Confessoris
Sep.3 10 Analyse

Pirminus, Abbot and Bishop

Nov.3 14110300 48 Analyse
Placidi et sociorum

Placidus and companions, Martyrs (Placidus, Eutychius, Victorinus, Flavia, and 30 companions)

Oct.5 14100510 1 Analyse

Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna, Martyr

Jan.26 14012600 0 Analyse

Pontianus, Martyr at Spoleto

Jan.14 14011420 0 Analyse
Pontiani, Pont.

Pontianus, Pope and Martyr

Nov.19 14111910 0 Analyse

Pontius, Martyr

May.14 14051400 23 Analyse
Potentianae virginis

Potentiana, Virgin (sepulchre found at Villanueva, Spain)

Apr.17 14041700 1 Analyse

Praejectus (Prix), Bishop Martyr

Jan.25 14012510 0 Analyse
Praesentatio Mariae

Presentation of Mary

Nov.21 14112100 132 Analyse

Praxedes, Virgin

Jul.21 14072100 9 Analyse
Pretiosissimi Sanguinis

Feast of the Most Precious Blood (of Jesus Christ)

Jul.1 14070110 13 Analyse
Primi, Feliciani

Primus and Felician, Martyrs

Jun.9 14060900 17 Analyse

Prisca, Virgin Martyr

Jan.18 14011800 16 Analyse

Priscus, Bishop of Capua

Sep.1 14090120 0 Analyse
Pro adversitate ecclesiae

Chants for the adversity of the church (Votive Mass)

16052000 0 Analyse
Pro amico

Chants for the friend

16029000 0 Analyse
Pro Archiepiscopo

Chants for the Archbishop

16028010 0 Analyse
Pro baptismo

Chants for baptism

16032000 0 Analyse
Pro consecratione crucis

Chants for the consecration of the cross

16048010 0 Analyse
Pro conversis

Chants for the converted men and women

16037000 0 Analyse
Pro Dagoberto rege def.
1 Analyse
Pro defunctis

For the dead

13001000 533 Analyse
Pro defunctis Episcopis

For the death of Bishops

13003000 1 Analyse
Pro defunctis Sacerdotibus

For the death of priests

13011000 0 Analyse
Pro familiaribus

Chants for family members

16044000 0 Analyse
Pro febribus

Chants for fever

16031000 0 Analyse
Pro Gratiarum Actione
0 Analyse
Pro infirmis

Chants for many who are sick

16013030 31 Analyse
Pro iter agentibus

Chants for travellers, pilgrims

16030000 21 Analyse
Pro nec Virgine nec Martyre
7 Analyse
Pro omni populo christiano

Chants for all the Christian people

16043000 0 Analyse
Pro ordinatione clerici

Chants for the ordination of a cleric

16033000 7 Analyse
Pro ordinatione Episcopi

Chants for the ordination of a bishop

16033010 2 Analyse
Pro ordinatione Episcoporum

Chants for the ordination of several bishops

16033020 0 Analyse
Pro pace

Chants for peace

16019010 7 Analyse
Pro pace regni

Chants for the peace of the realm and the church

16019000 0 Analyse
Pro paenitente

Rite for repenting (not specifically for one or several penitents)

16038000 6 Analyse
Pro paenitentibus

Chants for several pentitents

16038030 0 Analyse
Pro pluvia

Chants for rain

16020000 35 Analyse
Pro quacumque necessitate

For all needs

16050000 2 Analyse
Pro reconciliatione ecclesiae

Chants for the restoration of churches and sacred places

16047000 0 Analyse
Pro remissione peccatorum

Chants for forgiveness

16045000 2 Analyse
Pro Sacerdote

Chants for the Priest

16028000 9 Analyse
Pro salute vivorum

Chants for the health of the living

16027000 0 Analyse
Pro serenitate

Chants for serenity

16042000 0 Analyse
Pro sponso et sponsa

Chants for the bride and groom

16044000 19 Analyse
Pro stabilitate loci

For stability of place

16049000 0 Analyse
Pro tribulatione

Chants for distress

16026000 2 Analyse
Pro uno infirmo

Chants for one who is sick

16013020 4 Analyse
Pro uno paenitente

Chants for one penitent

16038010 0 Analyse
Pro Virgine tantum
10 Analyse
Probi, Tarachi

Probus and Tarachus, Martyrs

Oct.11 14101110 0 Analyse
Processi, Martiniani

Processus and Martinian, Martyrs

Jul.2 14070210 11 Analyse
Procopii Sázaviensis

Procopius of Sázava, Abbot, Confessor, canonized 1204

Jul.4 14070430 49 Analyse

Prosper, Confessor, Bishop of Reggio in Emilia

Jun.25 14062520 32 Analyse
Proti, Hiacinthi

Protus and Hyacinth, Martyrs

Sep.11 14091100 0 Analyse
Pudentianae, Pudentis

Pudentiana and Pudens, Martyrs; Pudentiana (Potentiana), a Roman Virgin, and Pudens (Quintus Cornelius Pudens), a Roman senator and said to be the father of Praxedis, Pudentiana, Novatus, and Timotheus, husband of Priscilla

May.19 14051910 4 Analyse
Purificatio Mariae

Purification of Mary (Candlemas)

Feb.2 14020200 434 Analyse
Purificatio Mariae TP

Purification of Mary, Eastertide

14020280 0 Analyse
Purificatio Mariae, Vigilia

Eve of Purification of Mary

Feb.1 14020130 0 Analyse
Purificatio Mariae,8

In week after Purification of Mary

14020208 0 Analyse
Purissimi cordis de BMV

Most pure heart of Mary

Jul.9 14070930 0 Analyse
Puritatis B. Mariae Virginis. Die 16 Octobris
5 Analyse
Q.T. Adventus

Ember Days, Advent

01030009 2 Analyse
Q.T. Quadragesimae

Ember Days, Lent

07010009 0 Analyse
Quadrag. Martyrorum

Forty Martyrs of Sebaste

Mar.9 14030900 7 Analyse
Quattuor Coronatorum

The Four Crowned Martyrs

Nov.8 14110800 2 Analyse
Quattuor Virginum

Euphemia, Dorothea, Thecla, and Erasma, Virgin Martyrs

Sep.19 14091920 42 Analyse
Quinque fratrum

Five Brothers (Christian, Benedict, John, Matthew, Isaac; Camaldolese order)

Nov.12 14111230 0 Analyse

Quintinus (Quentin), Martyr

Oct.31 14103100 56 Analyse

Quirinus, Bishop of Siscia (Sissek)

Jun.4 14060410 0 Analyse

Radegund, Matron

Aug.13 14081310 4 Analyse

Ragenfredis, Canoness

Oct.8 14100800 0 Analyse

Ragnulf (Renon)

May.27 14052700 0 Analyse
Raphaelis, Archang.

Raphael the Archangel

Oct.24 14102410 16 Analyse
Raymundi de Pennafort Confessoris
Jan.23 0 Analyse
Raymundi Nonnati Confessoris
Aug.31 0 Analyse
Recollectio Mariae

Recollection of Feasts of Mary

15081520 40 Analyse
Reginae Mariae

The Queenship of Mary

May.31 14053130 7 Analyse