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Feast: Joannis Chrysostomi

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Source: F-AS 893

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Total chants: 28
Distinct chants: 27
Antiphons: 7
Responsories: 14
Average number of concordances: 0
SiglumFolio IncipitCantus IDConcordances
(same feast)
F-AS 893532rVRAmavit*0060800
F-AS 893532rVHIste confessor*0083230
F-AS 893532rVWEcce*0080400
F-AS 893532rVAMIn medio*0032561 | F-CA Impr. XVI C 4
F-AS 893532rMIJustus florebit*0010960
F-AS 893532rMHRex gloriose*8302910
F-AS 893532rMA1.1Beatus vir*0016740
F-AS 893532rMW1.Amavit*0079411 | F-Pn lat. 15181
F-AS 893532rMR1.1Euge serve bone*0066770
F-AS 893532rMR1.2Ecce sacerdos*0066090
F-AS 893532rMR1.3Juravit*0070460
F-AS 893532vMR1.4Iste est qui ante deum*0070030
F-AS 893532vMA2.1Domine*0023500
F-AS 893532vMW2.Justum*0081151 | F-Pn lat. 15181
F-AS 893532vMR2.1Amavit*0060810
F-AS 893532vMR2.2Inveni David*0069860
F-AS 893533rMR2.3Beatus vir*0062300
F-AS 893533rMR2.4Ecce vere*0066150
F-AS 893533rMA3.Sint lumbi*0049670
F-AS 893533rMR3.1Elegit*0066490
F-AS 893533rMR3.2Justum deduxit*0070590
F-AS 893533rMR3.3Magnificavit*0071160
F-AS 893533rMR3.4In medio*0069130
F-AS 893533rLABSimilabo*0049520
F-AS 893533rV2A1Juravit*0035220
F-AS 893533rV2RJustus ut palma*6012970
F-AS 893533rV2WEcce sacerdos*0080400
F-AS 893533rV2AMIste est qui ante deum*0034260