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Analysis of the source: I-BV 20

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This source contains chants for 86 feasts.
Feastsort descendingTotal chantsDistinct chantsAntiphonsResponsoriesAverage concordancesLink
Appar. Michaelis44411694Analyse
Ascensio Domini515023953Analyse
Ascensio Domini,855509Analyse
Assumptio Mariae5150221138Analyse
Cosmae, Damiani11010Analyse
De Esther15153630Analyse
De Job101010038Analyse
De Judith21213943Analyse
De Machabaeis3939101457Analyse
De Prophetis444381656Analyse
De Regum440270Analyse
De Sanctis TP4342141219Analyse
De Tobia21204847Analyse
De Trinitate6360271059Analyse
Decoll. Jo. Bapt.474217925Analyse
Dom. 1 p. Pent.22206Analyse
Dom. 14 p. Pent.222010Analyse
Dom. 15 p. Pent.44312Analyse
Dom. 16 p. Pent.222010Analyse
Dom. 17 p. Pent.22200Analyse
Dom. 18 p. Pent.222010Analyse
Dom. 19 p. Pent.22201Analyse
Dom. 2 p. Pascha17158124Analyse
Dom. 20 p. Pent.22201Analyse
Dom. 21 p. Pent.22200Analyse
Dom. 22 p. Pent.22201Analyse
Dom. 23 p. Pent.22200Analyse
Dom. 24 p. Pent.22200Analyse
Dom. 25 p. Pent.22200Analyse
Dom. 26 p. Pent.11100Analyse
Dom. 3 p. Pascha36359911Analyse
Dom. 4 p. Pascha998031Analyse
Dom. 5 p. Pascha666041Analyse
Dom. Pentecostes392916355Analyse
Dom. post Ascensionem333013Analyse
Dominica in estate66304Analyse
Duodecim Fratrum1212730Analyse
Exaltatio Crucis13137240Analyse
Fer. 2 Hebd. 4 Pasc.66030Analyse
Fer. 2 in Letaniis11108Analyse
Fer. 2 p. Oct.Pasch.1616435Analyse
Fer. 2 Pent.12123330Analyse
Fer. 2 post Ascensionem44200Analyse
Fer. 3 Hebd. 4 Pasc.22010Analyse
Fer. 3 in Letaniis22202Analyse
Fer. 3 p. Oct.Pasch.66034Analyse
Fer. 3 p. Pascha14147339Analyse
Fer. 3 Pent.111079Analyse
Fer. 4 in Letaniis11100Analyse
Fer. 4 p. Oct.Pasch.66032Analyse
Fer. 4 p. Pascha222112316Analyse
Fer. 4 Pent.883311Analyse
Fer. 5 p. Oct.Pasch.66033Analyse
Fer. 5 p. Pascha171711322Analyse
Fer. 5 Pent.66236Analyse
Fer. 6 p. Oct.Pasch.66032Analyse
Fer. 6 p. Pascha16159321Analyse
Fer. 6 Pent.11100Analyse
Fer. 6 post Ascensionem99436Analyse
Gervasii, Protasii2121792Analyse
Inventio Crucis383722531Analyse
Inventio Stephani444317927Analyse
Joannis Baptistae514419968Analyse
Joannis, Pauli313117919Analyse
Nativitas Mariae5049211039Analyse
Nazarii, Celsi88610Analyse
Octava Apostolorum Petri et Pauli11105Analyse
Octava Paschae322812520Analyse
Octava Pentecostes16161012Analyse
Philippi, Jacobi876046Analyse
Sabb. p. Oct. Pasch.55030Analyse
Sabb. post Ascensionem44136Analyse
Sabbato in Albis15159316Analyse
Sabbato Pent.44303Analyse
Sabbato Q.T. Sept.22205Analyse
Septem Fratrum11010Analyse
Sixti et sociorum76600Analyse
Transfiguratio Dom.66114Analyse