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Analysis of the source: US-Cai 1911.142b

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This source contains chants for 52 feasts.
Feastsort descendingTotal chantsDistinct chantsAntiphonsResponsoriesAverage concordancesLink
Ad Suffragium44210Analyse
Annuntiatio Mariae454218927Analyse
Annuntiatio Mariae,827251240Analyse
Ascensio Domini423811954Analyse
Ascensio Domini,8322015Analyse
Cathedra Petri18157314Analyse
Comm. Apostolorum3936111051Analyse
Comm. plurimorum Confessorum39391694Analyse
Comm. unius Apostolus29281660Analyse
Comm. unius Martyris TP2117558Analyse
De Corona Spinea41351061Analyse
Dom. 2 p. Pascha663352Analyse
Dom. 3 p. Pascha333049Analyse
Dom. 4 p. Pascha15115341Analyse
Dom. Pentecostes313011755Analyse
Dom. post Ascensionem553024Analyse
Dom. Resurrectionis282710447Analyse
Fer. 2 Hebd. 4 Pasc.33034Analyse
Fer. 2 p. Oct.Pasch.1817639Analyse
Fer. 2 p. Pascha14133432Analyse
Fer. 2 Pent.992334Analyse
Fer. 2 post Ascensionem11102Analyse
Fer. 3 Hebd. 4 Pasc.66033Analyse
Fer. 3 p. Oct.Pasch.88038Analyse
Fer. 3 p. Pascha12112235Analyse
Fer. 3 Pent.992323Analyse
Fer. 3 post Ascensionem11102Analyse
Fer. 4 Hebd. 4 Pasc.66032Analyse
Fer. 4 p. Oct.Pasch.88037Analyse
Fer. 4 p. Pascha13122327Analyse
Fer. 4 Pent.1010237Analyse
Fer. 4 post Ascensionem11102Analyse
Fer. 5 p. Pascha552038Analyse
Fer. 5 Pent.222030Analyse
Fer. 6 p. Pascha552033Analyse
Fer. 6 Pent.222015Analyse
Fer. 6 post Ascensionem22105Analyse
Hebd. 2 p. Pascha22201Analyse
Hebd. 3 p. Pascha22201Analyse
Hebd. 4 p. Pascha22202Analyse
In Letaniis222014Analyse
Inventio Crucis32309739Analyse
Octava Paschae21205525Analyse
Octava Paschae,8222020Analyse
Philippi, Jacobi13128354Analyse
Sabb. p. Oct. Asc.88130Analyse
Sabbato in Albis321142Analyse
Sabbato Pent.11106Analyse
Suff. Crucis221013Analyse
Suff. Mariae44403Analyse
Transl. Dominici98310Analyse
Vigilia Pentecostes97514Analyse