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Theotonius, priest and prior (Santa Cruz, Coimbra)

Feb.18 0 Analyse
Theresiae a Jesu Infante Virginis
Oct.3 23 Analyse
Thomae Apost.

Thomas, Apostle

Dec.21 14122100 123 Analyse
Thomae Cant.

Thomas Becket, Bishop of Canterbury

Dec.29 14122900 99 Analyse
Thomae Cant.,8

In week after Thomas Becket

14122908 0 Analyse
Thomae de Aquino

Thomas of Aquino, Doctor of the Church

Mar.7 14030700 45 Analyse
Thomae de Villanova Episcopi et Confessoris
Sep.22 0 Analyse
Tiburtii (filius Chromatii)

Tiburtius (son of Chromatius in Rome), Martyr

Aug.11 14081140 0 Analyse
Tiburtii, Susannae

Tiburtius and Susanna, Martyrs

Aug.11 14081100 7 Analyse
Tiburtii, Valeriani, Maximi

Tiburtius, Valerian and Maximus, Martyrs

Apr.14 14041400 10 Analyse

Timothy, Disciple of Paul, Bishop

Jan.24 14012400 2 Analyse
Timothei, Apollinaris

Timothy and Apollinaris, Martyrs

Aug.23 14082300 0 Analyse
Titi Episcopi, Confessoris
Feb.6 0 Analyse
Tr. Christophori

Moving of Christopher's relics

?? 17002000 0 Analyse
Tr. Germani, Juliani

Moving of Germanus, Julianus relics

Jul.25 14072520 0 Analyse
Tr. Kunegundis

Moving of Cunegund's relics

Sep.9 14090910 32 Analyse
Tr. Marcelli Paris.

Moving of relics of Marcellus (Paris)

Jul.26 14072600 33 Analyse
Transfiguratio Dom.

Transfiguration of Jesus

Aug.6 14080600 282 Analyse
Transl. Adalberti

Moving of Adalbert (of Prague)'s relics

Nov.6 14110620 36 Analyse
Transl. Aichardi

Moving of Aichardus's relics

Jun.17 14061700 0 Analyse
Transl. Augustini

Moving of Augustine's relics

Oct.11 14101120 1 Analyse
Transl. Baboleni

Moving of Babolenus' relics

Dec.7 14120720 5 Analyse
Transl. Bartholomaei

Moving of Bartholomew's relics to Lipari

Feb.13 14021320 9 Analyse
Transl. Benedicti

Moving of Benedict's relics

Jul.11 14071100 39 Analyse
Transl. Benedicti,8

In week after Benedict's Translation

14071108 0 Analyse
Transl. Candidi

Moving of Candidus's relics (Martyr, at Innichen)

Aug.24 14082420 0 Analyse
Transl. Clarae

The moving of Clare's relics

Oct.3 14100340 0 Analyse
Transl. Cuthberti

Moving of Cuthbert's relics

Sep.4 14090410 0 Analyse
Transl. Dominici

Moving of Dominic's relics

May.24 14052400 12 Analyse
Transl. Edithae

Moving of relics of Edith of Wilton

Nov.3 14110350 0 Analyse
Transl. Egwini

Moving of Egwin's relics

Sep.8 14090810 0 Analyse
Transl. Eligii

Moving of Eligius's relics

Jun.25 14062500 0 Analyse
Transl. Eustachii

Moving of relics of Eustachius (Eustasius, Eustace), Martyr

Nov.3 14110340 109 Analyse
Transl. Francisci

The moving of Francis's relics

May.25 14052530 3 Analyse
Transl. Gerardi

Moving of Gerard Sagredo's relics

Feb.24 14022410 0 Analyse
Transl. Gudulae

Moving of Gudula's relics

Jul.6 14070620 2 Analyse
Transl. Hadulfi

Moving of Hadulf's relics

Aug.31 14083100 6 Analyse
Transl. Hieronimi

Moving of Jerome's relics

May.9 0 Analyse
Transl. Hugonis

Moving of Hugo's relics

Jan.19 14011910 0 Analyse
Transl. Jacobi

Translation of James the Greater

Dec.30 14123020 2 Analyse
Transl. Januarii

Moving of Januarius of Benevento's relics

Oct.23 14102310 0 Analyse
Transl. Justae

Moving of Justa's relics

Jul.9 14070910 1 Analyse
Transl. Justinae

Moving of Justina's relics

Aug.17 14081710 0 Analyse
Transl. Karoli Magni

Moving of Charlemagne's relics

Jul.27 14072720 0 Analyse
Transl. Lamberti

Moving of Lambert's relics

Apr.28 14042820 54 Analyse
Transl. Lebuini

Moving of Liafwin's relics

Jun.25 14062510 23 Analyse
Transl. Ludgeri

Moving of Ludger's relics

Oct.3 14100320 0 Analyse
Transl. Ludmilae

Moving of Ludmila's relics

Nov.10 14111020 0 Analyse
Transl. Martini

Moving of Martin's relics

Jul.4 14070400 43 Analyse
Transl. Mauritii

Moving of Maurice's relics

May.12 14051230 0 Analyse
Transl. Nicolai

Moving of Nicholas's relics

May.9 14050900 0 Analyse
Transl. Oswaldi

Moving of Oswald's relics

Oct.8 14100830 6 Analyse
Transl. Oswaldi,8

In week after Oswald's Translation

14100838 0 Analyse
Transl. Patrocli

Moving of Patroclus' relics (Muenster)

Dec.9 14120901 43 Analyse
Transl. Petri Alcan.

Moving of Peter of Alcantara's Relics

Apr.28 14042810 3 Analyse
Transl. Ruperti Salisburgii

Moving of Rupert of Salzburg's relics

Sep.24 14092420 3 Analyse
Transl. Servatii

Moving of Servatius's relics

Jul.7 14070720 1 Analyse
Transl. Simperti

Moving of Simpert's relics

?? 17003000 0 Analyse
Transl. Stanislai

Moving of Stanislaus's relics (Bishop of Krakow)

Sep.27 14092710 36 Analyse
Transl. Stephani

Moving of Stephen's rellics

May.7 14050700 1 Analyse
Transl. Syri

Moving of Syrus's relics

May.17 14051700 0 Analyse
Transl. Thomae Apost.

Moving of Thomas the Apostle's relics

Jul.3 14070300 1 Analyse
Transl. Thomae Cant.

Moving of Thomas Becket's Relics

Jul.7 14070710 2 Analyse
Transl. Trium Regum

Moving of relics of the Three Kings (the Magi) to Cologne in the 12th Century

Jul.23 14072330 46 Analyse
Transl. Udalrici

Moving of Ulric's relics

May.14 14051410 0 Analyse
Transl. Valentini Epi.

Translation of Valentinus's relics

Aug.4 14080420 0 Analyse
Transl. Vedasti

Moving of Vaast's relics

Oct.5 14100500 0 Analyse
Transl. Vedasti,8

In week after Vaast's Translation

14100508 0 Analyse
Transl. Walburgae

Moving of Walburga's relics

May.1 14050150 0 Analyse
Transl. Wenceslai

Moving of Wenceslas's relics

Mar.4 14030400 0 Analyse
Transl. Wolfgangi

Moving of Wolfgang's relics

Oct.7 14100720 0 Analyse
Transl. Wulstani

Moving of Wulfstan's relics

Jun.7 14060700 0 Analyse
Translatio Wigberti

Moving of Wigbert's relics

May.15 14051520 0 Analyse
Translationis Almae Domus B. M. V.
4 Analyse
Tres Mariae

Mary, Mary Cleophae, Mary Salome

May.25 14052520 52 Analyse
Triumphi Sanctae Crucis apud Navas Tolosae

Triumph of the Holy Cross in Las Navas de Tolosa (Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa or Battle of Al-Uqab)

Jul.17 14071730 0 Analyse

Trophimus, Bishop of Arles

Dec.29 14122910 36 Analyse

Trudo (Trond)

Nov.23 14112320 0 Analyse
Tryphonis Respicii et Nymphae Virg. Martyrum
Nov.10 0 Analyse

Turianus, Bishop and Confessor

Jul.13 14071320 0 Analyse
Ubaldi Episcopi et Confessoris
May.16 7 Analyse

Ulric (Udalricus), Bishop of Augsburg

Jul.4 14070420 90 Analyse

In week after Ulric

14070428 0 Analyse

Vulgan, Hermit

Nov.1 14110110 0 Analyse
Unius in tribulatione

Chants for one in tribulation

16026010 0 Analyse

Urban I, Pope and Martyr

May.25 14052510 8 Analyse

Ursula, Virgin Martyr

Oct.21 14102110 56 Analyse

Valentine, Martyr

Feb.14 14021400 30 Analyse
Valentini, Epi.

Valentine, Bishop of Passau

Jan.7 14010700 0 Analyse
Valentini, Hylarii

Valentine (priest) and Hilary (deacon), at Viterbo

Nov.3 14110360 0 Analyse

Valeria of Limoges, Virgin Martyr

Dec.12 14121200 108 Analyse

Valericus, Hermit

Feb.1 14020120 0 Analyse

Valerius, Bishop of Saragossa

Jan.29 14012900 0 Analyse

Vaast (Vedast), Bishop of Arras

Feb.6 14020600 60 Analyse

In week after Vaast

14020608 3 Analyse

Venantius, Hermit

Oct.11 14101100 0 Analyse
Venantii Martyris
May.18 3 Analyse

Verena, Virgin

Sep.1 14090130 0 Analyse
Vibiae Perpetuae, Felicitatis

Perpetua (Vibia Perpetua) and Felicity, Martyrs at Carthage

Mar.7 14030710 1 Analyse
Victoria Pauli

Victory of Paul (at Muenster)

Jun.27 14062720 0 Analyse
Victoriae, Anatoliae

Victoria and Anatolia, Virgin Martyrs

Dec.23 14122300 9 Analyse

Victorinus, Bishop of Assisi and Martyr

Jun.12 14061210 42 Analyse
Victorini, Floriani, transl.

Moving of relics of Victorinus and Florianus to Muenster Cathedral (2 Nov 1164)

Nov.2 14110210 32 Analyse
Victorini, Mart.

Victorinus, Martyr; exiled with Nereus and Achilleus, killed under Domitian

Sep.5 14090500 0 Analyse

Victor, Bishop of Piacenza

Dec.7 14120700 2 Analyse
Victoris Bracharensis

Victor, Martyr at Braga

Apr.12 14041210 0 Analyse
Victoris et sociorum

Victor of Marseilles and companions, Martyrs

Jul.21 14072110 50 Analyse
Victoris Mauri

Victor Maurus, Martyr

May.8 14050810 2 Analyse
Vig. Assump. Mariae

Eve of Assumption of Mary

Aug.14 14081410 36 Analyse
Vig. Joannis Bapt.

Eve of John the Baptist

Jun.23 14062300 18 Analyse
Vig. Kiliani et sociorum

Vigil of Kilian and companions, Martyrs

Jul.7 14070730 0 Analyse
Vig. Om. Sanctorum

Eve of All Saints' Day

Oct.31 14103120 3 Analyse
Vig. Relatio Vedasti

Eve of Return of Vaast's relics

Jul.14 14071410 0 Analyse
Vig. Stephani Reg.

Eve of Stephen I, King and Apostle of Hungary

Aug.19 14081920 0 Analyse
Vigil. Dionysii
2 Analyse
Vigilia Andreae

Eve of Andrew

Nov.29 14112920 14 Analyse
Vigilia Bartholomaei

Eve of Bartholomew

Aug.23 14082320 0 Analyse
Vigilia Epiphaniae

Eve of Epiphany

Jan.5 02010500 4 Analyse
Vigilia Jacobi

Eve of James the Greater, Apostle

Jul.24 14072410 27 Analyse
Vigilia Laurentii

Eve of Laurence

Aug.9 14080910 9 Analyse
Vigilia Martini

Eve of Martin, Bishop of Tours

Nov.10 14111030 12 Analyse
Vigilia Matthaei

Eve of Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist

Sep.20 14092020 1 Analyse
Vigilia Matthiae

Eve of Matthias, Apostle

Feb.23 14022310 0 Analyse
Vigilia Nat. Domini

Christmas Eve

Dec.24 02122400 144 Analyse
Vigilia Nat. Mariae

Eve of Birthday of Mary

Sep.7 14090710 0 Analyse
Vigilia Othmari

Eve of Othmar (Audemar), Abbot

Nov.15 14111540 0 Analyse
Vigilia Pentecostes

Eve of Pentecost

08077000 13 Analyse
Vigilia Petri

Eve of Peter

Jun.28 14062820 11 Analyse
Vigilia Petri, Pauli

Eve of Peter and Paul

Jun.28 14062810 9 Analyse
Vigilia Philippi, Jacobi

Eve of Philip and James

Apr.30 14043030 0 Analyse
Vigilia Simonis, Judae

Eve of Simon and Jude

Oct.27 14102700 2 Analyse
Vigilia Thomae Apost.

Eve of Thomas the Apostle

Dec.20 14122200 0 Analyse

Vigilius, Martyr, Bishop of Trent

Jun.26 14062620 0 Analyse

Vigor, Bishop of Bayeux

Nov.1 14110120 0 Analyse

Vincent of Saragossa, Martyr

Jan.22 14012200 180 Analyse
Vincentii a Paulo Confessoris
Jul.19 12 Analyse
Vincentii Ferrerii Confessoris
Apr.5 0 Analyse
Vincentii, Anastasii
Jan.22 0 Analyse
Vincentii, Orontii, Victoris

Vincentius, Orontius (brothers), and Victor, Martyrs, killed near Gerona

Jan.22 14012230 0 Analyse
Vincentii, transl.

Moving of Vincent of Saragossa's relics to Lisbon

Sep.15 14091560 0 Analyse
Vincentii, transl. in Brachara

Moving of Vincent of Saragossa's relics to Braga

May.4 14050450 0 Analyse

In week after Vincent

14012208 0 Analyse
Vincula Petri

Peter in Chains

Aug.1 14080100 71 Analyse
Vincula Petri,8

In week after Peter in Chains

14080108 0 Analyse

Vindician, Bishop of Cambrai

Mar.11 14031100 0 Analyse

Winnoc (Vinocus), Abbot

Nov.6 14110600 0 Analyse
Visitatio Mariae

Visitation of Mary

Jul.2 14070200 310 Analyse
Visitatio Mariae,8

In week after Visitation of Mary

14070208 8 Analyse
Vitalis Agricolae Mart.
Nov.4 0 Analyse
Vitalis, Valeriae

Vitalis and Valeria, Martyrs

Apr.28 14042800 12 Analyse
Viti et sociorum

Vitus, Modestus and Crescentia, Martyrs

Jun.15 14061500 166 Analyse

In week after Vitus

14061508 0 Analyse

Vitonus (Vanne), Bishop of Verdun

Nov.9 14110920 0 Analyse

Vulmar, Abbot

Jul.20 14072000 0 Analyse

Walburga, Virgin Abbess

Feb.25 14022500 67 Analyse

Waldetrudis (Waudru), Widow

Apr.9 14040900 0 Analyse

Wandregisilus, Abbot of Fontenelle

Jul.22 14072220 0 Analyse

Guenael, Abbot of Landevennec

Nov.3 14110320 0 Analyse

Wenceslas of Bohemia, Martyr

Sep.28 14092800 64 Analyse

In week after Wenceslas

14092808 0 Analyse

Wiborada, Virgin Martyr

May.2 14050220 37 Analyse

Wigbert, Confessor, Abbot of Fritzlar

Aug.13 14081320 34 Analyse

Wilfrid, Archbishop of York

Oct.12 14101230 0 Analyse

Willehad, Bishop of Bremen

Nov.8 14110820 0 Analyse

William, Archbishop of Bourges

Jan.10 14011000 0 Analyse

Willibald, Bishop

Jul.7 14070700 58 Analyse

Willibrord, Bishop of Utrecht

Nov.7 14110700 36 Analyse

Wiro, 'Apostle' of southern Netherlands

May.8 14050840 0 Analyse

Wolfgangus, Bishop of Regensburg

Oct.31 14103130 56 Analyse

Wulsin, Bishop of Sherborne

Jan.8 14010800 0 Analyse

Wulfstan, Bishop of Worcester

Jan.19 14011920 48 Analyse

In week after Wulfstan

14011928 2 Analyse

Wunnibald, Abbot; Brother of Willibald and Walburga

Dec.18 14121820 38 Analyse
XI milium Virginum

11,000 Virgin Martyrs of Cologne

Oct.21 14102100 329 Analyse
34 Analyse

Zenobius, Bishop of Florence

May.25 14052500 8 Analyse

Zeno, Martyr, Bishop of Verona

Apr.12 14041200 32 Analyse
Zephyrini Pape Martyris
Aug.26 0 Analyse
Zoerardi, Benedicti

Zoerard (Andrew) and Benedict, Martyrs

Jul.16 14071600 33 Analyse